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File: oUF_WeaponEnchant07-23-10
Originally posted by Guardix hmm...
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Originally posted by Guardix hmm the plug-in no longer follows the element principle of oUF. Since 1.4, functions have the element as first argument and 'self' stripped away. I'll see what I can do to fix this if I can find some time, thanks for the report.
File: AfterCast (Fan's Update)07-02-10
Re: 3.3.5 lua errors
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Open up AfterCast.lua, go to line 40. Change: eBox.language = ChatFrameEditBox.language; to eBox.language = nil
File: oUF_WeaponEnchant06-11-10
Re: any help on...
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That is correct, this plugin needs to be supported by the layout for the icons to show. Can always try asking the author to add support.
File: gotDailies?01-01-10
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Thank you very much for the error report, I was able to fix it quite easily. Come to think of it I think I have actually noticed this one before, just never got around to fixing it. It's fixed now anyway, gonna test a bit more and see if I can find anything else, and then I'll throw the update online.
File: gotDailies?12-31-09
Re: 3.3 Update?
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Originally posted by Bwldrd1 Any chance of having this updated to work correctly with 3.3? It kind of works, but it interferes with the quest log and sporadically loses (literaly, meaning they don't show up in the log) quests when taking them. Also won't let you add 2nd/3rd/4th actions to a quest. I can post the error later if...
File: BadPet11-26-09
Remove prowl aura.
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Originally posted by trace Great addon! Everything works perfectly for me, but i have one request. I understand that your addon watches the auto-casts of pet abilities, but I was wondering if you could tell the addon to not only disable prowl's auto-cast if it gets enabled but to as well /cast prowl at the same time so that my p...
File: Better Bindings Frame08-10-09
Re: Binding in combat
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Originally posted by Tageshi Original keybinding frame allows you to change bindings in combat. But with Better Bindings Frame, you cannot in combat. Is there any way to make this possible? Hrm, odd. I thought I wasn't doing anything potentially taint inducing in BBF. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reporting. Edit: W...
File: Aloft08-09-09
Shielded cast issues.
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I did not find the dragons at the Wyrmrest temple to be casting shielded casts either. UnitCastingInfo also did not return true for uninterruptable. The default Blizzard shielded texture is very noticable and very ugly. We did find yesterday that (at least on my pally, no bubble) hearthstones count as uninterruptable casts. If you ca...
File: oUF Experience08-06-09
Re: Re: Here's a fix.
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Originally posted by p3lim Ive changed it to set the tooltip once, but using hookscript is not a solution, as It will set the tooltip before the layout, and hooktip will be nil HookScript behaves as SetScript if no script is found, so that's no problem at all. Has been that way for a while. Edit: Note that the element not di...
File: oUF Experience08-06-09
Here's a fix.
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I took the liberty of fixing the format along with some other changes. You can find my changes here: http://www.pastey.net/120079 p3lim: You were creating the tooltip function on every update, since this runs quite often you were creating a lot of unnecessary functions. Another change I've made is changing the SetScripts to HookSc...
File: BadPet08-01-09
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Originally posted by Trond If you have this addon installed and doesnt turn it off for non-hunter classes it will make an invisible (annoying) frame in the middle of the screen (I azume its the button). That one will pop up, and sometimes it will show a tooltip saying something like 'alt-click to move', however that wount work... R...
File: BadPet07-30-09
Originally posted by tralkar Is t...
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Originally posted by tralkar Is that you and your dog in the pic? kinda cool if it is.. Heh no, that would be the Dog Whisperer. ;)
File: BadPet07-29-09
Don't worry!
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Originally posted by Silenia I'm calling PETA! :p The whip is soft and fuzzy and PETA approved! Manaman: I've been reading the notes and am keeping my fingers crossed that the petbar overhaul will indeed fix the problem. However, this issue is extremely annoying and should in my opinion have been hotfixed as soon as p...
File: oUF_WeaponEnchant06-23-09
Re: correct time!!
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Originally posted by shinchih2001 i download the new version also have to use double times just can show correct weapon buff time The problem with weapon enchants is that there doesn't seem to be any indication that the values returned by GetWeaponEnchantInfo have actually been updated after the new enchant is applied. Judging...
File: gotDailies?06-05-09
Re: Error
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Originally posted by Shawnn Currently getting this error: Interface\AddOns\gotDailies\buttons.lua:266:Usage:GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink") Disabled all other addons to ensure this was not due to a conflict. Any idea how to reproduce the error? Preventing the error would be simple, but it'd be more interesting to s...
File: Better Bindings Frame05-28-09
Binding override warning.
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Originally posted by DallasisaLeo Do you think you might add to the addon a reminder to be like "Hey, are you sure you wanna bind to ? Because is currently bound to ." Probably not. There is no way to do this securely, meaning it would render the keybinding UI useless in combat.
File: oUF Smooth Update04-08-09
Fix for bars not filling completely.
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Here's a fix for the bars not filling completely. Replace lines 39-41 with: if cur == value or abs(cur - value) < 2 then bar:SetValue_(value) smoothing = nil end We're currently working out the cause of the bars crossing the entire screen. Should have a fix for that shortly. Edit: Thanks to diligent testing by C...
File: Better Bindings Frame03-12-09
Originally posted by jadakren i w...
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Originally posted by jadakren i was actually hoping that you had provided a text field search filter. i always thought the box below the bindings list was for text entry searching of binding names. imagine my frustration when i found out this wasn't true. That's a pretty good idea actually. I've added it to r101, which sh...
File: Better Bindings Frame03-09-09
Originally posted by xeross why n...
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Originally posted by xeross why not add unused bindings. i know there's already an addon for it but why not make one that does all ;) You mean group all the unset bindings together in one big 'unused bindings' section? That'd defeat the purpose I have for this addon, which is making things easier to find. Also, the addon doesn'...
File: gotDailies?02-28-09
Originally posted by Fritos Just...
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Originally posted by Fritos Just an FYI, but it's up to you. I'm the author of Dailies Quest Tracker. Was browsing and noticed this addon. Your have a slash commmand of /dailies, which is the same for my addon. This will cause conflicts if people are using both our addons. You mind changing it to something other than this?...
File: gotDailies?02-21-09
Re: LBF?
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Originally posted by xtoq Is LBF ButtonFacade? Yes it is.
File: Justice For All!02-12-09
Will take a look at it when I come...
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Will take a look at it when I come back from holidays. Should be an easy fix.
File: Gotai's Instance Timer08-25-08
Thanks for the feedback.
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A number of 'flaws' you mention have indeed been design decisions. The timer does not stop when you zone because in my opinion corpse run time (or any other messing around outside the instance) counts as time spent doing the run as well. The same goes for the Kara example you mention. I initially created this for someone on the UI fo...
File: Gotai's Instance Timer08-11-08
Originally posted by Sariash Nice...
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Originally posted by Sariash Nice little addon. Small suggestion: how about some report functions (party, guild, whisper... | report chosen instance records, report all records)? It's at the top of my todo list, just got to find/make some time to work on it. I reckon I'll have something working at the end of this week.
File: Gotai's Instance Timer08-09-08
Originally posted by thegriffgeeks...
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Originally posted by thegriffgeeks The most recent version doesn't work. I don't get any errors tho. However, it doesn't come up on the screen. The slash command was available, so I used toggle. Nothing toggled. I went back to the previous version and if I used toggle it was there. The exact circumstances are I was first in kara, n...