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File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu04-13-07
same problem...fwiw, i don't think...
Posted By: facboy
same problem...fwiw, i don't think it's in topscore itself, it's in one of the libs.
File: Drathal's HUD12-27-06
i can't click on people and duel....
Posted By: facboy
i can't click on people and duel. it says that DHUD has been blocked from doing a blizz ui thing. everything is disabled but DHUD, so it's likely a dhud problem?
File: KeepItCool (Discontinued)06-10-06
Re: Login Freeze
Posted By: facboy
it was a bug with Timex 23.1 - should be fixed in Timex 23.1-beta4 (just posted). Originally posted by Nahkohe Same problem here as well - whenever my cooldown is up I hear the gong and wow never gets past the login screen.
File: Timex06-10-06
this should be fixed...i renamed so...
Posted By: facboy
this should be fixed...i renamed something and forgot to update another file. the freezing problems will be solved as well...most ppl have seen it happening with KeepItCool. please let me know if there are any further issues. Originally posted by Sirian getting lots of: --- TimexChronosSupport.lua:35: attempt to call met...
File: Timex05-27-06
this should be fixed in beta2. not...
Posted By: facboy
this should be fixed in beta2. note to self: always test, n00b :P.
File: Timex05-14-06
Re: Error on Load
Posted By: facboy
Originally posted by happeria \Interface\AddOns\Timex\Core\TimexCore.lua:30: attempt to index global 'AceChatCmd' (a nil value) Got that when loading for the first time. have you got Ace 1.3?
File: FuBar 3.6.504-28-06
more plugins broken
Posted By: facboy
with this new release, half my plugins are invisible on the bar :(. even ClockFu doesn't show up. also, i get an error on line 1776 of FuBarPlugin.lua - says it can't find 'cleanDefaults'
File: Timex04-13-06
hmm i don't know. i certainly didn...
Posted By: facboy
hmm i don't know. i certainly didn't request it. while his posts were somewhat antagonistic (and inaccurate in parts),he did have some valid points. the reason Timex has grown in size drastically is because i have rewritten large parts of it to be more efficient. it is about to get even larger...but don't make the mistake of th...
File: Timex04-10-06
hmm...your Chronos stuff breaks wit...
Posted By: facboy
hmm...your Chronos stuff breaks with Timex installed? i thought i'd got rid of that behaviour :(. have you tried one of the more recent Timex releases? i know it didn't used to play nicely with Chronos - ie it would overwrite Chronos even if Chronos existed, which was rather poor form. but i thought i'd fixed that bug in R23....
File: Timex04-08-06
Re: Re: completely nonsense
Posted By: facboy
you are right in that Timex is not constantly updated to match Chronos...but the Chronos functionality has been fairly stable over time, sure new features are added from time to time, but it's not like there's been hundreds of new methods added since it's inception. it is difficult to be 100% compatible, and if i've ever claimed t...
File: FuBar 3.6.503-26-06
hmm...seems to be a problem with ad...
Posted By: facboy
hmm...seems to be a problem with adjusting the loot roll box...it always ends up offset to the left. also, some debugging code i added indicates that it's running the adjustment an awful lot...even when it ends up putting the frame in exactly the same position.