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Announcements in Forum : nUI, MozzFullWorldMap and PartySpotter
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Please understand nUI =/= WoWInterface

I would ask that all nUI users understand that nUI and WowInterface are two separate entities... I am *not* an administrator on WoWInterface and I have no access to anyone's personal information on WoWInterface.

WoWInterface has honored and humbled me by bestowing featured artist status on myself and nUI and by providing me some of the best hosting and services any mod author could ask for, but that is the entire extent of the relationship.

If you are having problems with your WoWI account, I ask that you please take that up with the WoWI staff and administrators. Likewise, if you're having problems with nUI or accessing nUI+ and so on, please do *not* bother WoWI's staff with those issues... either bring them to me in a private message or on the nUI forums.

I also want to point out that donations to WoWInterface/Alakazam are not the same thing as donations to nUI. I strongly encourage all of nUI's users to support WoWInterface by becoming a supporting member as the bandwidth and services they provide for you and I both are not free by any stretch of the imagination. I also, obviously, hope you'll support nUI by donating to it... just please be very clear that your support of WoWInterface and your support of nUI are two entirely separate things.

My thanks to the entire nUI community for making this all possible and my sincere thanks to WoWI for giving nUI such an awesome home.


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