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Paksonarrion 06-16-10 08:54 PM

That does indeed fix it. So the real bug then is that even with nUI5 set to not manage the minimap, nUI6 still attempts to manage it.

spiel2001 06-16-10 09:01 PM

Yeah -- nUI6 does not yet deal with any options... everything is on for the time being... can't test it if people are turning it off ~smile~

Drugekull 06-17-10 01:58 AM

Problem with Target frame
Hi Scott

I have been running the latest NUI6 Alpha release now for a few days

Yesterday I was running it on my alt priest while leveling I was doing quests and 5 mans.
The frames seamed to work well for a while but after the seconds 5 man group was done and I got ported back out I could not see my target anymore I could not see it on the left hand frame so it was not stuck in party mode and I could not see it on the right hand frame. I reloaded the UI and it came back

Also another thing which is a bit of an irratation but I know is not part of this test I keep looseing the standard Bliz UI buffs and debuffs on the top right hand of the screen they there when I first login some times but then disappear and I cannot see them this makes it a bit difficult to play but I suppose I have to live with it till we get them integrated into NUI6

I also don't know how I feal about the Party frames being all on the right hand side it looks a bit squashed and uneven but it might just have to grow on me a bit.

I like the mini map now its much clearer than in NUI5

Are you planning to put the server or local time anywhere like it used to be in NUI5 under the mini map.

It would also be great to put a little box somewhere that would show the durability percentage of your gear just a suggestion.

Also I was monitoring the memory usage when i first login it takes up about 12.11MB of memory and it stays constant thoughout the whole time I am playing where NUI5 could just keep growing and was between 10MB and 25MB or memory it keeps changing.

Paksonarrion 06-17-10 05:34 PM

I have had the target frame loss as well. happened when someone left mid battle, so when it changed to 20 man mode, lost it. Also, I have changed my mind, got nui6 into a 25 man setting, and then the minimap takes itself off to the side. Excellent feature. Memory usage is much more reasonable as well.

spiel2001 06-17-10 06:10 PM

Yeah... I'm working on sorting out what's up with the unit frames. I *think* I know what it is. Will find out in the next alpha.

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