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Mitranim 06-24-08 05:18 PM

Small addon request: fast disenchant/prospect
Hello mod developers out there!

I have an idea for a small mod which can greatly lighten life of all enchanters and jewelcrafters.

Here it is: Shift (or maybe Ctrl, or Alt) + right click on an item in your inventory tries to disenchant / prospect it if possible. Also makes disenchant and prospect autoloot that destructed item (see FastDisenchant for that part).

Personally I crave for something like this and would love to see it in action. I wanted to do it myself, but didn't find a way to register <Mod> + click on an item, so I hope someone will do! :)

Seerah 06-24-08 06:16 PM

Have you tried Panda?

Mitranim 06-24-08 06:26 PM

Hmm, thanks, I'll try this.

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