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Kippereast 10-30-12 11:36 PM

Action Bar Problems
I am running a Druid, dual Specced Feral and Resto. My problem is that my main actionbar keeps changing focus in the middle of fights, mostly in dungeons but occasionally on the surface. It is driving me nuts, otherwise love this addon for just about everything.
If anybody has any ideas would appreciate it, didn't have the problem until the recent update.

spiel2001 10-31-12 06:25 AM

What do you mean by changing focus? You mean paging from bar 1 to one of the other bars?

Make sure you're not hitting shift-1, shift-2, etc. thorugh shift-6 -- that is the built in WoW key binding for changing bar pages. If you do accidentally do that, just press shift-1 to return to the main bar page. The up/down arrows on the side of the main action bar do the same thing.

Or are you talking about something else?

Xrystal 10-31-12 03:07 PM

Hmm, I've noticed this too but have assumed I have accidentally hit the up and down arrow. The only key combo I may do is clicking the 1-12 buttons or the 1-5 buttons on the keyboard for my main abilities if I am using the mouse to move or usings ASWD for brief movement while clicking. I haven't seen anything consistent apart from fighting that explains the change if I am not accidentally hitting those buttons.

And strangely enough only on my druid. Wonder if its some sort of shapeshift test going crazy thinking youve shifted out of form but haven't really.

spiel2001 10-31-12 03:43 PM

I dunno. The rules on the bars are what you've seen them to be Xrystal. ('visibility' state driver) -- so, I'm not sure what could be at issue there.

*scratches head*

Xrystal 10-31-12 04:19 PM

Its not happening all the time so its not consistent enough to say every time I fight so I'm still hedging to the part that it is an accidental button click or key combo.

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