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Alianin 04-05-10 02:46 PM

Missing Health Bars HUD on One Character
Somehow this weekend I lost the HUD health bars on just one of my characters, all other characters work fine. I deleted and re-downloaded nUI. I deleted my nUI savedvariables. Still no dice. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

spiel2001 04-06-10 04:39 AM

There's a red button at the top center of the UI that normally says "Player/Target" and currently, I suspect, says "No HUD" -- that button controls which HUD mode you have active... click that to switch back to the "Player/Target" HUD.

Alianin 04-06-10 07:23 PM

Wow. Not sure how I missed that big red button. lol That did the trick. And to think here I was searching through all the / commands to find something.

Thanks! :D

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