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Narboon 05-25-07 06:49 AM

Priest UI/Addons
Hey guys 70 Priest

Needing some help setting up a good UI for Shadow/Holy Spec because i change now and again. I have tried some Packages but they don't seem to work properly for me. Was wondering if i could have some suggestions or help.

Kind Regards,

Stoneslayer 06-15-07 05:07 PM

Only thing that I do is use outfitter so that I can switch instantly between healing gear and shadow gear and I also have an extra tool bar sitting above the standard one with healing spells keyed into it. The only other battle mod i use is decursive for raiding

Demonnemesis Lev 70 Priest Jubei' Thos

Dreadlorde 06-15-07 05:09 PM

bongos to reconfigure you action bars & closetgnome.

Maybe healbot continued.

MidgetMage55 06-16-07 12:08 AM

A gear switcher is definately useful. Having bounced back and forth on occasion i can hands down agree with that. Personally my bars are for my occasional utility spells. my mount, MC, fear ward, things i need basically but not every single battle.
I rely on click casting mods for the most part. Started with clickheals, then went to klik. but wanting to lighten the load on my UI i went to clique and its works rather nicely. that being said its not an easy change if your use to using hotkeys. It takes practice to memorize your clicks and modifiers. though i feel once its second nature you can cast faster since movement is small and doesnt require hard targets to cast. Its 'like' having multiple focus sets.

my core set for holy/shadow priest are bartender, itemrack(though i may change to outfitter from all the praise it gets) clique, and pitbull frames and since they can be set to change color depending on what debuff is on(inclusing only showing what you can cure/dispell) it lets you set your frames in a manner that supports click casting more efficiently. The rest are personal preference depending on your needs.

Darxon 06-16-07 03:37 AM

i prett much have done the same thing as Midget :) i use grid + click when im healing.
for unitframeds i like pitbull but i think aguniframes, x-perl and so forth works nice to so its a matter of what you like best

Bartender3 Or Bongos2 works nice , and for gear changing itemrack or closetgnome

Amethy 09-06-07 08:27 AM

I currently use Benecast and Lunarsphere (which is for all classes and similar to serenity) both in beta but love them. For some who dont like a lot of bars out beside the group players it can be a pain, but very effective since u can add what u want per class on benecast.

Geboran 09-07-07 08:47 AM

I suggest Autobar for holding your basic items without tying up your action bar slots (it holds things like potions, buff items, hearthstone, mount(s), etc.

There are other Priest-related addons that you might find useful:

Cirk's Shadowshift -- -- Shadowshift places the Shadowform spell button onto the shapeshift bar, just like Stealth for a Rogue, or like the Druid's Bear, Cat, and other shapes, allowing you to use it just like it was a real shapeshifting skill. Free up an action button slot today!

Shadowoff -- -- This is a small AddOn which automatically cancels shadow form when a Holy spell (or any other action that requires to be out of shadow form) is cast.

Healbot Continued -- --

HealBot allows for 20 key mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spells.
HealBot allows for 20 key mouse combinations to cast on disabled bars.
HealBot can track and display who has aggro
Any usable item can be added to all combos.
Target, Focus and Assist can be added to all combos
HealBot can be used for decursive functions
HealBot can be used for monitoring buffs and buffing
HealBots appearance can be configured and preferred appearances can be saved as skins.
HealBot can show party/tanks/checked targets/extras in a raid, extras can be filtered and sorted.
Multiple HealBots in a party/raid sync incoming heals.
HealBot will accurately range check at all times for spells and items.
HealBot has a built in res monitor and is compatible with CTRA (CTRA not required)
HealBot has a SmartCast out of combat option, this will cast a spell in the following order..

1. res
2. decurse
3. buff
4. heal
5. user setting

A good action bar addon is good to use as well.

royale 09-07-07 01:14 PM

For holy:
Clique is pretty much a necessity, along with any Raid/party frames that you are comfortable with.
Grid, Pitbull, or PerfectRaid are all nice, pick one. (I use Grid/Pitbull because of how customizable they are. Pitbull has built-in healing stuff that is really nice.)
PoM Tracker is wonderful.
Wardrobe2 to switch quickly between different gear sets.

That will give you a really good start.

Ackemaan 01-30-08 02:46 AM

Hey m8,

Are you a clicker or beting your keabord?
If your a clicker id recomend Clique with grid

For actionbars id use Bartender3 with Jims Cooldown Pulse

For comsmetics id recomend Align, Prat, Omnicc, Eepanel, Quartz to start with. Then stack up what ever u want =)

Good luck!

Borrie 01-30-08 03:28 AM

I combine Bartender3, Pitbull, HealBot Continued, OmniCC, and ItemRack.
I use AzCastbar instead of Quartz (coz it appears to be more lightweight).
The result can be admired here. :D

I also have a few questions:

1. What are the built-in healing stuff in Pitbull? (never seen them)

2. I tried using 'Grid + Clique' but I couldn't see the raidmembers HP on the Grid-Frame. Not in % nor in numbers. The only thing which was able is the deficit which wasn't very precize to me because it only starts showing after -2.8kHP and it is shown as -2.8k instead of -2800. Is there a way to see the remaining HP in full numbers on Grid?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Borrie

Seerah 01-30-08 10:49 AM

1. there is an incoming heals module - you can see how much your heal will heal someone for. Not sure if it communicates with other healers that run PitBull - I forget.

2. I believe you can - check in the options for Grid.

Borrie 01-30-08 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 82449)
2. I believe you can - check in the options for Grid.

I did check the options for Grid, and yes you can enable or disable HP view in text BUT however when you enable it nothing happens... :confused:

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