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bahzeel 01-17-05 06:14 PM

List of game events?
I'm looking around for a list of the events the game generates that I can use in a custom UI mod. Most specifically, as I realize that there is a very large number of them, I'm looking for combat log / chat msg events.

Is there any sort of systematic listing of the events somewhere? Is this data I can get out of the game files? (oh my - that's going to be entertaining :P)


Reverser 01-17-05 09:27 PM

There is a fairly complete listing of the events you can respond to and the WoW API @ WoWWiki.

You can also find this same information in the UI.xsd file in your interface directory (get the official Blizzard WoW customization tool to create these files) @

Hope this helps.


bahzeel 01-18-05 10:50 AM

Thanks Reverser - I found that list of game events - very helpful indeed. I've also found a standalone DPS tool that has the basic mechanics that I'm looking for (DPS for a combat period rather than a time window), and it even relies on game events for picking up damage done.

So a few minor modifications (or so the theory goes), and it'll also track damage dealt to the player via the appropriate game events, and *poof* - a DPS Taken mod!

Harrowed 01-20-05 08:09 PM

I put these together yesterday. <- Event Registers Used in Interface for 4150, AKA Client version 1.2.1 <- Lists every Function in Interface for 4150, AKA Client version 1.2.1

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