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stompy 07-24-07 08:37 AM

HowTo have same UI config on different chars
Hi all.

Im new here, and have a big problem.

I have a set of addons which i use with different characters. Now my problem is, that i always have to config the UI for every character, thats quite annoying.

So my questin is, is there a posibility to have they same UI (Pos fo Actionbars etc) with different characters (also different classes)

I would be glad, if someone knows a solution to this.

Thx in advance.


Dreadlorde 07-24-07 08:41 AM

Use profiles and have them all set to the same one.

stompy 07-24-07 08:59 AM

what do you mean to set all to the same one?

copy the files from a character to another character in wtf folder doesnt work.

Dreadlorde 07-24-07 09:04 AM

No. Well, that might work, but I was saying, in-game, change all the characters profile to the same one.

stompy 07-24-07 09:10 AM

ty for your help. i'll try that soon.


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