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Gamur 07-01-05 01:06 AM

I've recently changed how undead males and females look (switched them around) by renaming the files in model.mpq and patch.mpq. Everything seems to work okay except I'm not sure on how I should edit the texture.mpq because the head areas of the models look pretty weird. I've made backups of the files in case, but if anyone could help me with this please let me know. Thanks :)

Cairenn 07-01-05 01:09 AM

Okay, I'll go ahead and ask what is probably a "stupid" question. Why? Why swap the male and female graphics? Just because you can? Or?

Gamur 07-01-05 01:15 AM

Eh, I was bored and felt like doing something easy.. because I don't know how to do anything else lol.

Edit: And after playing an undead female for a long time I felt like playing around with a guy, plus I figured completely changing races would be too complicated

Cairenn 07-01-05 01:17 AM

Hey, good enough reason to my mind. ;)

Sometimes, "just because I can" can be a lot of fun. :)

Gamur 07-01-05 01:23 AM

Yup ;p but running around with half your neck missing and looking alil goofy is no fun :(

Cairenn 07-01-05 01:25 AM

Yeah, but you're undead! You've got more than just half your neck missing to worry about. ;) :D

Gamur 07-01-05 02:01 AM

I'm assuming you don't know how to fix this :confused:

Remelio 07-01-05 03:10 AM

Probably just need to do trial and error unless someone else has heard of someone doing something like this, you may be the first ;)

Beladona 07-01-05 09:28 AM

not the first. Maybe with undead, but others have done switches of textures, and even custom textures for things like mounts and such...

here is a file list for what you need. Be aware that the entries with ## after them reference a good 20-40 files each, so you may be in for renaming of over 100 textures...

model.mpq / patch.mpq

textures.mpq / patch.mpq



Rastaman 09-13-05 09:31 AM

Where can i find this Modification ?MyWoWStudio?

Cairenn 09-13-05 10:14 AM

You can find it at

Rastaman 09-13-05 10:30 AM

mhm im srw but i cant find it there i searched there vor about an half hour :-/
is it possible that you can post me a link?
i also want to look my male undead liek a female xD
can u also change the view of mounts or somethngs like that?

Cairenn 09-13-05 10:33 AM

Sorry, it's actually called "MyWarcraftStudio", you can find it here

Rastaman 09-13-05 10:41 AM

oh big thanks :D is it necessary taht i have the english wow version?i actually use my german. when it just work with the english,where can i get an english patch or something like that =)?

Cairenn 09-13-05 10:43 AM

I'm not really sure, I haven't used it, personally. Hopefully someone else here will know and be able to help you.

Rastaman 09-13-05 10:45 AM

would be nice ;)
well....i try to find an english patch :D

Rastaman 09-15-05 09:14 AM

hello guys ;)
i heared taht this program can make some trobules with the WoW system so that i have to reinstall or somenthing like that....
my problem is that im borde of the look of my male undead and want to have a female.
so i dont understand the programm is there a menu where i can change my view?Is it like creating a new charackter in wow?
or how do that work?

Rastaman 09-16-05 01:03 AM

is somebody able to explain me how this program works?
in this menu i can see all kinds of charackters of the undeads in one person and theres a bone -menu oO?
but what i have to do to change the look of my male ud ?

Rastaman 09-18-05 09:22 AM

i have a problem :
hopefully somebody wants to help me =((((
all the time when i open the foulder patch.mpq( with Mywarcraftstudio) and try to rename in the charackter foulder the sourcefemale and male is there an erorr :
ERROR to extract data.
...then the SourceFemale is moved on the ground of the foulder list....


Xanth 05-09-06 02:29 PM

I've been running my game with no gnomes for a while now. The basic switch is easy, I just used night elf models and saved them as gnome male and female. The hard part comes when you modify the skins to look nice. I just used excel and listed all the night elf skin files in one column and the gnome in the other and matched them up to see which files would need to be copied. The last part is the hats...each race has its own head gear for certain items. Gnomes had GNF and GNM at the end of the name and Night Elves had NEF and NEM, once I copied these over the conversion was complete...NO GNOMES !

Here's the batch I created for female conversion for the basic skins...Put all night elf and all gnome files in the same directory ( too long to list, I'll shorten to show example)

ren NightElfFemale.m2 GnomeFemale.m2
ren NightElfFemaleEyeGlow.blp GnomeFemaleEyeGlow.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_00.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_00.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_01.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_01.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_02.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_02.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_03.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_03.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_04.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_04.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_05.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_05.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_06.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_06.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_07.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_07.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower00_08.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower00_08.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower01_00.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower01_00.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower01_01.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower01_01.blp
ren NightElfFemaleFaceLower01_02.blp GnomeFemaleFaceLower01_02.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_00.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_00.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_01.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_01.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_02.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_02.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_03.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_03.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_04.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_04.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_05.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_05.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_06.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_06.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_07.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_07.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_08.blp GnomeFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_08.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_00.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_00.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_01.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_01.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_02.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_02.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_03.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_03.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_04.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_04.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_05.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_05.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_06.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_06.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_07.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_07.blp
ren NightElfFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_08.blp GnomeFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_08.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_00.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_00.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_01.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_01.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_02.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_02.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_03.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_03.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_04.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_04.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_05.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_05.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_06.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_06.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_07.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_07.blp
ren NightElfFemaleSkin00_08.blp GnomeFemaleSkin00_08.blp

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