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sylvermane 08-15-07 10:05 PM

Finding skins / textures.
I admit i'm knowledgless on scripting, i have zero clue on how to use photoshop let alone anything more complex. but i do have an avid desire to build a good ui. I enjoy using mods and seeing how far i can go without any reprogramming. while this is associated with my complete lack of scripting / programming i also like to see how far i can go with a given mod package. Xart is a mod i have been looking into lately but my mainproblem is where to find textures / skins for these mods. i mess around photoshop , i have 8 CS currently but im an amateur at best and it rarely works. Are there any places i can find premade textures to use?

WaldoJeffers 08-15-07 10:25 PM

Shadow UI has some nice stuff you might like.

Giddeon a very generous author for Shadow UI allows others use and redistribute also.


Zyonin 08-16-07 04:01 AM

Check out the Discord mods site and look through the various custom UIs. Many of them have custom Discord Art textures that can be used with other art mods.

Seerah 08-16-07 08:52 AM - most of those should be game-ready

Any texture you use/create needs to have dimensions that are a power of 2, be in tga format, and have an alpha channel.

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