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Mordikaiin 09-03-07 03:36 PM

Duh what do i do now?
Ok well I haven't made AddOns in quite some time now and only really had to update the toc on my GuildGreet AddOn for as long as it's been around, but now with the load out of date I don't even do that. I went to make a new AddOn for hunters that will make a sound when kill command is ready and allow you to automatically have a key bind for it or have it set to auto trigger.

I sat there for a bit and realized it's been so damn long I don't know where to begin so now I need to I guess reteach myself how to make AddOns. All my old tutorial sites and such are either out of date or just not in my favorites anymore so if someone could pls direct me to a few sites or tools that would help me begin making AddOns again for the current WoW Build I woudl be really appreciative!

Thank You!

Draque 09-03-07 05:12 PM

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