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Neverrain 12-09-07 10:26 AM

Ui Scale
Hi am looking for a mod or something else that can let me go further away then normal UI scale, 0.64 is what i have it on now, but am looking after something that alows me to go even further away from my char... anyone got any ideas?

i had a mod b4 that did this for me, but since i quited the game for a while i managed to delete my mods and everything... would be nice if anyone could link me a link for it or what the name is for it...

thank u in advance..

Slakah 12-09-07 11:44 AM

I think your talking about ImprovedCamera although that has nothing to do with UI Scale.

Seerah 12-09-07 05:13 PM

Yeah, Max Camera Distance =/= UI Scale...

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