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bigin123 12-18-07 12:19 PM

help with discord
i was told earlier that some of the graphics where from discord, i have searched for a while and havent really found and viable information of where to download it that is secure or has not been updated, can someone give me some information as of where i can download it and how, all i want is the art portion( if possible if not its ok) and if there are any other specific things i must download in order for it to work. help pl0x

i wuv you wong time!

Dreadlorde 12-18-07 01:56 PM

Download it here. And what are you talking about?

bigin123 12-18-07 01:58 PM

like every where i found discord, one it was people talking about it certain files of the download and not the full program, and another is that is it just a normal extracted addon?

Dreadlorde 12-18-07 02:15 PM

Can you type normal? You're not making any sense.

You can download the same files at this location too. They're on the left panel.

bigin123 12-18-07 02:23 PM

what im trynig to say is the websites i found discord did not contain the actuall addon, all it had was little files to add to it, i could not find the actuall addon itself or anywhere to find it.

Dreadlorde 12-18-07 04:36 PM

The links I gave you are the actual addons.

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