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farang 09-06-05 01:29 AM

Info: Ui XML: How to create these Frames
I've created a list of the structures you can use to create your XML Files.
It's not 100% Complete yet, but it's a start.

The Page just lists all the possible Structures and Elements/Attributes it can use.

More detailed information will follow

Short overview: all <Name /> fields are normally optional, if you click them it will jump to the area where that element is defined.
Most parameters are optional as well. if the contain values ,example: start="0" ,then that is meant as their default value. (false=default bool)
If they contain a name such as int,float,string,etc. it's meant they have no default ,but need the value to be in that format.

I created it by checking UI.xsd of WoW by hand ,and made a more clear structure in XML out of it, so you can better read it to understand it.

This information is more for the Advanced Addon Programmer ,i will add more help for the Beginners later on.

In the meantime make sure to check:

to understand the basics.

Note: I have done it on my own webspace, because that way i could do the automatic syntax coloring.

Feel free to include it in your own Sites/Tutorials ,if you wish.

farang 09-06-05 11:57 AM

Also check my new Tutorial & Addon FaraFrames, which tries to help Beginners on their first steps.

Find it here:

Cairenn 09-06-05 12:02 PM

Just wanted to say Thank You, Farang. This is bound to be helpful for some folks. :)

May I suggest that you also drop a thread in the "Released Interfaces - Dev Tools" section of the forums, for those that may miss it here?

farang 09-07-05 12:46 AM

Thanks Cairenn,

i posted the Information there as well.

mystyra 06-25-07 06:58 AM

Still Useful
I found this useful even given the age of the post. The Faraframes still gives good insite to a beginner addon writer such as myself.

Great job.


Tyrolit 11-08-07 11:51 AM

agreed and re bumped, great tutorial and has got me playing around with xml now.

Thanks Farang you made xml look alot clearer

Sidikian 02-14-09 09:40 PM

Thanks farang, if you're still around is there any chance you wouldn't mind your tutorial being converted to another game that's close to WoW. I'd like to share a converted form of your tut. for this other game that's out now.

If you ever check this please reply.

ZikO 02-22-09 03:12 PM

I found very odd behaviour i mean if I choose any WoWWiki site from the listbox "Website:" those site are being loaded but after complet loading, they disapear with info: Not found site.

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