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Bufe 05-04-08 05:02 PM

Bufe's GRID video Tutorials - Healing related.

Some has said videos dont load. These use flash/shockwave previews.
If you cant see the videos, click the download link, and download them
They are all packed with DivX6.2 and LameMP3 codecs.

These tutorials are now stored on my own hosted web server, and streamed in AVI-format using the DIVX player from there.
Should work fine. :) If not, drop me an e-mail. :)

Enjoy. :)


Moonbeard 07-22-08 06:46 AM

22nd July 2008: can confirm tried working through list of video tutorials on trying to play them got message "Video Currently Unavailable" followed by a substitute list of other videos. Happened for about two thirds of the ones i tried to access. Hope you can fix it soon as they look useful

Faryn 07-28-08 07:42 AM

The Stream is down but you can still download most of the files by clicking the download link below!

Bufe 06-23-11 10:28 AM

streaming should work now with the DIVX Webplayer.
A bit outdated maybe..but should still hold some relevance.

I am currently using Vuhdo instead of GRID. :)

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