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Rastaman 09-15-05 10:13 AM

Hello my little problem ;)
Hi guys i also wrote in the other thread that i want to change the look of my charackter a little my question...what can i do?Should i try this MyWoWStudio? is taht the rgiht thing 4 my problem?i want to change the look of my charackter :like when you begin and can choose the hair color face hair design etc etc....
i'm sorry but english isn't realy i hope you understand what i try to do... =)
hop you can help me .
A yes the reason why i want to change the look is taht i am sooo bored of my old charackter because i played him for a long time.....

Cairenn 09-15-05 12:03 PM

Hey Rastaman. :) Yeah, from everything I've heard, MyWarcraftStudio will take care of it for you, but unfortunately I don't know how to solve the problem of not having the english client that you need. =/

Anyone else have some suggestions? The original thread is here. Help would be appreciated. C'mon guys, I know we can come through for Rastaman. :)

Rastaman 09-15-05 12:13 PM

now i have the english client ;) is then my wowo studio good?

Cairenn 09-15-05 12:17 PM

It should be, if I understand everything correctly. Check the other thread on how to use it.

Rastaman 09-15-05 12:21 PM

well I will try it ;) .
I hope you will help me if i have some problems by using this program .
You can close this thread if you want :D.i write then in the other thread...thanks :D

Cairenn 09-15-05 12:25 PM

LOL, don't count on me being able to help, but I'm sure there are others here that can.

Okay, I'll lock this one and let the other one remain then.

Good luck! :)

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