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Rabbit007 10-31-08 03:42 PM

Gimp Help Please =D
Wll i select the tool that puts the ants on everything and hit delete but it doesn't make the background go away... it just goes white... i thought maybe it was suppose to so saved the file and loaded it into kgpanels and the Image appeared just fine... the only issue is everything around the image is white.

I have been messing with gimp for over an hour now and still can get it to go transparent so it is just the image :(.

Any help would be much appreciated

MidgetMage55 10-31-08 03:54 PM

You want to go to the layer menu at top of your image. Open that and go down to transparency. Then select add alpha channel. At this point you can erase the white background.

Rabbit007 11-01-08 09:04 PM

you my friends are a godsend... now i can sctually use custom art in My UI's that aren't other peoples ^^

Thanks a ton

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