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spiel2001 03-08-09 01:31 AM

I just had to share this...
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This picture brings back *WAY* too many memories... I found it posted on the WoW forums.

Back in the day I was working for Western Electric using a TI thermal printer and a 100 baud acoustic modem talking to a Unit 1.2 machine... OMG, the hours I spent playing rogue and the other various text based adventure games and just burning through rolls of thermal paper!

So, I had a *pile* of thermal paper accumulated from a long session one night and got the bright idea to throw it in the fireplace... big mistake! Set the chimney on fire... police... fire department... yeah... that really went well.


spiritwulf 03-08-09 02:05 AM

not the mudd, not the MUDD! NOOOOOO........ /cower

Tehryn 03-08-09 04:27 AM


Originally Posted by spiel2001 (Post 119287)
This picture brings back *WAY* too many memories... I found it posted on the WoW forums.

Text adventures.... and the constant misspellings... remember it too well.. like my first computer, the TRS-80 Model 1 Level 1... WAAAAHAAAHH!!!

Oh, and Scott, grats on the featured artist status: bravo!

Anjalena 03-08-09 02:37 PM

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OMG MUDs!! I spent YEARS playing MUDs. I used to go back to my office late at night and use their computer to telnet (does anyone besides mudders telnet anymore? *laugh*) to the MUD I played. A MUD is what ended up moving me from Georgia to Maine. Met a guy, he moved me up here (1400 miles away from my family and friends). We lasted 8 years so at least it wasn't a horrible axe-murder internet-spawned relationship. *laugh* But I wouldn't live anywhere else now. LOVE the snow. =)

I even ran a MUD for a while... was the "Imp" as we were called by the players... short for Implementer. Holy crap that was a lot of work. And the players all complained how the "Imms" didn't do anything. I worked 14+ hour days on that thing. (yes, I was obsessed. *rofl*)

Thing I remember most about MOST muds... the DRAMA! Holy crap. You think guilds on WoW have drama? You ain't seen nothing. Politics amongst the Admins/Immortals and every player wanting or not wanting something different... Admins abusing their power for their own chars and/or friends. I've seen MUDs die, permanently, over this crap. I've gone back to old MUDs 6 months later and NONE of the Admins were the same. Tricky business running a MUD. I think the one big thing I learned about keeping a kinda happy MMO is for the Admins to NOT interact with the players in any way other than customer support. Admins start getting involved with players and it spins everything outta control.

But man I enjoyed most of my time playing MUDs. Wish I could go back, in a way, but WoW has ruined me.

Okay, that was my walk down memory lane. Heh. Thanks Scott! =)

OH, wow, I just remembered I had this from my MUD days... This satire was written about MUD players by Sire Teige and was called "Theories about Players". It is SO on the money.

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