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Orb 03-08-09 06:34 AM

Druid bar issue
The bar under the Map menu happens to be the same bar that druids use when shape shifted into Moonkin.

Is it possible to have an option to change which bar is displayed there?

Xrystal 03-08-09 09:04 AM

Scott replied to a similar thread saying that at present he has utilised the normal 120 buttons available in game but will expand them in the future so I guess that sounds like a yes it will get changed.

I also have a druid but fortunately never gone boomkin on her so never had that problem myself. I tend to use that bar as my crafting bar so doesn't get filled up much.

spiel2001 03-08-09 11:21 AM

This is actually a candidate for the FAQ because it comes up a lot... but apparently almost exclusively in e-mail as I couldn't find where I had directly answered it in the forum before. Odd.

Anyway... here's the deal... Bliz only directly supports up to 120 buttons on 10 bars of 12 buttons each in its action bar engine. I use that same engine in order to ensure that nUi has maximum compatibility with both Bliz and other mods.

It just so happens that being a member of Bliz's favorite class, your Boomkin is the only character that uses all ten of those action bars. For everyone except you, that bottom right bar is never used, so it's an extra bar to them. For you, it is not.

Unfortunately, there is no "other" bar I can give you there. Every other bar in the Bliz engine is either already displayed or is used by many classes for various things (other shapeshift bars, etc.).

As already mentioned, I will be greatly extending nUI's action bar functionality in time to include supporting more than the just the default 10 bars Bliz supports, supporting intelligent bars that offer one set of actions for friendly targets and a different set for hostile targets, etc. However, that is not at the top of the priority list given how much core work remains for things like the layout tools, etc.

So... unti then, I'm afraid you'll have to just put up with that bar being unusable for your Boomkin.


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