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Dragorik 03-14-09 05:02 PM

Focus Frames
For some reason I cannot use my Focus Frame.
It tells me that only the Blizzard UI is allowed to access that.
Please tell me how I can bypass this because it is the only thing keeping me from fulling enjoying this wonderful UI

Yhor 03-14-09 05:13 PM


Known Bliz / nUI compatibility issues...
  • Right clicking a unit frame and selecting "set focus" taints in combat == this is a known bug since WoW 3.0.2 and is beyond nUI's control. Hopefully Bliz will address it in the next patch (or two or three or twenty). You can target the desired focus and then type '/focus' to aquire a focus frame until Bliz resolves this issue.

Taken from the nUI Known bugs thread.

Dramber 03-14-09 05:48 PM

I ended up using one of my extra mouse buttons as my focus target. Works great. Key bindings FTW!

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