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Bomyne 03-20-09 01:59 AM

A small problem
I'm having a pretty small problem. The fonts along the panel at the bottom, most importantly where it tells me the level, health, mana (rune and rage and energy included), and other vitals of my target, my pet, group members, etc... is too small. It's almost impossible to read and I have to rely on mouse overs to tell me whats going on. Is there anyway to fix this?

spiel2001 03-20-09 03:59 AM

Please see this FAQ Bomyne:

Bomyne 03-20-09 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by spiel2001 (Post 120990)

I read that before when I was searching for an answer. The problem is that it doesn't deal with the part of the UI I want to modify.

I had a look in the file it mentions anyway and I'm not exactly sure whichb part to edit.

spiel2001 03-20-09 09:21 AM


All of the files you'll want to edit are in [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default ] -- after that, the answer to which file you want to edit depends on what you want to do and where.

If you want to change something about the unit frames in the solo player mode unit frame panel, then you would go to [ UnitPanels > Solo ] and in there are the skins for each of the unit frames in that panel. If you want to make the text for the health bar bigger in the player unit frame, then edit the [ nUI_UnitSkin_SoloPlayer.lua ] and locate the ["Health"] section. There you'll find the cur_health and max_health, etc.

Again... it all just depends on what it is you're looking to change and where.

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