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lordcallubonn 03-31-09 06:40 AM

Changing/Creating Skins.. Noob here..
I don't know much/anything about LUA coding, but know enough of coding principals from doing vb/vba, and do pretty good at photoshop/graphic editing & would like to try my hand at it, if I can wrap my brain around it.. Any ideas where to start? Thx... :confused:

spiel2001 03-31-09 11:00 AM

Are you looking to replace the graphic images in the dashboard/console, or are you looking to re-arrange the whole layout? (the answer to your question depends on which one is the goal)

lordcallubonn 04-02-09 06:23 AM

Replace the background image like what you have in your skins.. Sorry wasn't thinking when I decided to write it.. Had to find a new car so i was thinking of 2 ideas at once & neither came out :banana:

spiel2001 04-02-09 06:35 AM

OKies -- in that case, this thread gives pretty good detail on how to do that...

If you have questions after reading that, fire away and I'll do my best to answer them.

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