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Miralen 04-03-09 06:11 AM

Changing The Minimap Border
I have three neat borders for the minimap and would like to have them be used on three different events: In Combat, Resting and than just a normal one that appears when you are just running around. Now I think I know how to do checks to see if I am resting or in combat or not either of those the one thing I don't know how to do it change the minimap border to my textures. their the correct size and what not just don't know how to replace the default minimap border with one of mine. So if anyone could point me into the right direction, I spent the last 3 hours on wowwiki and finally gave up due to a head ache and frustration not getting anywhere.

By the way if you could let me know if this is even possible (the changing of the border based on combat/resting/normal) I imagine it is but not 100% sure. Anyways if anyone could lend a hand in this department I would greatly appreciate it. :banana:

ChaosInc 04-03-09 07:12 AM


        tileSize= 32,
        insets = {left=5, right=5, top=5, bottom=5}

Just change the edgeFile to whatever you want it to be at any given point.

Miralen 04-03-09 01:54 PM

sweet thanks for the help going to try this out now

Miralen 04-04-09 06:18 AM

real quick for frame would it be Minimap or MinimapBorder? I tried Minimap and and got my image to show up but it was all scambled. the size is 256x256. I believe that would work just not sure why it came up scambled is all, I think its cause im retarded and dont know what frame name to use I guess.

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