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spiel2001 04-22-09 08:31 AM

Russian speaking user's support thread...
Please know, I do not speak any Russian myself and must rely entirely on other users to translate Russian for me.

This thread is intended as an area where Russian speaking nUI users and players can assist one another with nUI problems. Hopefully Russian players who can and do read/write English will be able to act as go betweens between myself and those who cannot converse in English.

This is strictly a community based support thread and unless I can read the posts in it, I won't be able to respond directly. I sincerely hope nUI's Russian speaking users will step up to help one another out here.

(I would appreciate it if one of nUI's Russian speaking users would translate the title of this post and the message for me so I can post this message in Russian)

Yov de Art 06-29-09 05:59 AM

well, after updating to 5.03.12 i've got a trouble with locale. All buttons with russian signatures now look like "????"
Don't you now? how to fix it?

spiel2001 06-29-09 07:08 AM

Ah.... yeah... I know what happened. It's the font I'm using, apparently it doesn't support the Russian alphabet. I'll put out a fix when I get home this evening.

nyple 01-27-10 11:16 AM

hmm so when this fix will be ? or either it its already and i cant find it ? :confused:

spiel2001 01-27-10 11:20 AM

There is already a fix for it. I changed how the fonts are defined and put them in the localization file. You need to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Main > localization.lua ] and change which font is being used to the default Blizzard font.

I thought I had documented it when I did it, but I guess I failed to that. Sorry.

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