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Vis 04-30-09 06:14 AM

InfoPanel Swapping
I had a random thought while playing......Long winded explanation...haven't slept yet, lol.

I was using Skada for awhile to show threat, dps etc. A nice feature it had was auto switching between threat and dps depending on combat status. With the frame rate's being much better since the recent patches, I've gone back to using Recount. Now I've paired Recount with it's extension RecountThreat, and found out how to have it autoswitch in combat also ("/recount threat toggle" for those that didn't know and wanted to). So now I've eliminated Omen since Recount can show everything I need when I need it.

Now that I have the backstory out of the way........

Is it possible to have the InfoPanel display change based on Combat status also? The whole reason being, I use Carbonite also and love the way it gets integrated in the InfoPanel. It feels cumbersome to manually click through back and forth between showing Recount data and Carbonite.

Thoughts, Ideas?

spiel2001 04-30-09 06:31 AM

This is something that has come up before... unfortunately, it's not something that I think can be done as a generic solution because it will be hard to find two people who will agree on which panel they need when... for example, in BG I never use Recount or Omen... I strictly use the battlefield map so I know who is fighting where... outside of a BG I never use that map. In instances I use the Stats plugin to switch between Omen3 and Recount, outside of instances I only use Omen. So... which one is "right" ?

That's the problem.

The solution is for me to get over my fear of popup menus (taint issues) and get one implemented for the Unit Panel, HUD and Info Panel buttons so you can two click to any panel.

Vis 04-30-09 06:54 AM

I completely agree with you there, what suits one user may/may not suit another.

Further thoughts: Is it possible to activate the Infopanel button through any slash commands or Lua commands. I was thinking along the lines of how the Infopanel_stats and other add ins worked. It's beyond what I know how to mess up at the moment, just curious :)

spiel2001 04-30-09 07:35 AM

You can key bind all three of the selector buttons... just mouse over the button and press ctrl-alt and right-click.

Vis 04-30-09 08:39 AM

Nice! I didn't realize you can individually bind those buttons :) Thank you very much :banana::banana:

Depresjon 06-07-09 02:36 AM

didnt know that to,and it's sweet to know :)

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