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munch7707 05-02-09 12:49 PM

Casting Bar Options
Howdy, Is there a way to get the channeling spells/skills to display time left instead of overall time spent? For example, fishing is about 18 seconds I think and instead of the cast bar counting up to 18 I want it to count down to zero.

One more question, is there a way to remove the top section all together? I have FuBar and have the micromenu fubar plugin so really no need for the top section.

Been using NUI for a few days now and love it though, just finalizing some tweaks.

spiel2001 05-02-09 12:53 PM

Okay... FuBar first...

My advice is to set the FuBar background to transparent so it blends into nUI's console. You can lost the FuBar PerformanceFu and MicroMenu plugin. nUI will soon offer wardrobe management, durability, gold tracking and ammo tracking which will all be on either side of the HUD selector button already in the console.

In any event, '/nui console mouseover' will cause the console to vanish unless you mouse over it. '/nui console off' will hide it entirely.

At present there is no countdown option for spells though it's worthy of adding. I'll keep it in mind.

munch7707 05-02-09 01:25 PM

Awesome thanks for the quick response. Yeah the countdown instead of up is handy if you haven't memorized how long a spell/skill cast is. Thanks again for the help.

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