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Lolzen 05-06-09 03:28 PM

Cooldown Animation
I hope this belongs here.

I made Button Textures that have round corners.
But whenever a Skill is used, the "Cooldown Texture" is messing up the Actionbars, because the corners are angular shaped.

Here's an example:

So my question is, is there a way to modify the "Cooldown Texture"/Animation?

Thanks in advance =)

zork 05-08-09 06:46 AM

Buttons are always rectangular. The round button is just an illusion. To give your button the illusion of a round button you need your round border texture to overlay the icon and the cooldown aswell. To make it work make use of setpoint. The CooldownFrame is anchored to the icon mostly, so changing the setpoint of the icon will affect the cooldown frame aswell. Every icon has a button or frame it is achored to.


icon:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", frame, "TOPLEFT", 3, -3)
icon:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", frame, "BOTTOMRIGHT", -3, 3)

If your icontexture has round friend you are in trouble you shouldn't have done it this way. Overlaying the icon with a round border texture does work though.

Lolzen 05-11-09 07:14 AM

Thanks, but in fact i'm using it this way ;)

But you helped me when you said the cd animation is anchored to the icon.
So i checked my texture and saw i had a ~3 px invisible space, so i think eliminatin this will do it.

Thanks, and also thanks for your Actionbar Addons ;D

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