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Gautr 05-31-09 01:27 PM

Hmm suggestion maybe, ex wowmatrix user.
Well as i liked wowmatrix i wanted most of the info in the wowmatrix window, with Minion i gotta open the browser to see the info of the addon which i dislike as i doesnt like opening many windows/tabs over and over again, minion runs great on my pc:s and no problem at all. And ofc i could open the browser window on all my 98 addons just to check the info window it, doesnt take that much time.

If it is possible to make a module to view the info inside the minion window can i get a pm with required API or maybe a hint on what to do?

Kind regards Sy the Shaman

Shirik 05-31-09 06:18 PM

The best way to do this would be to implement a NewsService. However, you run into an issue in that modules don't talk to each other unless they're made to.

This is actually something I have planned for the wowi module, so you don't have to strain yourself :) However if you did want to look into it, check the javadocs for the NewsService interface.

Gautr 06-01-09 03:20 AM

Okay thanks will do.

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