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Morvar 07-23-09 07:23 AM

smart debuff integration
Hello outthere,

any chance that someone can do the same thing with smartdebuff like decursive?

Xrystal 07-23-09 08:14 AM

I haven't looked at how Smart Debuff situates its framework but I'll let someone else *hint hint voodoo* take a gander before I grab it :D

Can't be selfish now can I ?

radicall8 01-04-10 12:56 PM

I'm sorry to post on a 6 month old thread, but I am genuinely curious as to if SmartDebuff will have integration with nUI at any given time? I know that the coders are busy with other things, and that the original author is re-doing nUI from the ground up - but I just want to know :).

Thanks for the reply,

Xrystal 01-04-10 04:40 PM

Wow this is an old thread. Rofl. I'll take a look at smart debuff and see how it works. May take a while though while I investigate how SmartDebuff works.

radicall8 01-04-10 05:07 PM

:D Yay! Thank you a ton! I understand the time it would take, as I've looked at some of the .lua for integration files - I'm nowhere near smart enough to start figuring that stuff out... so I just pray and hope that someone out there skilled in this stuff can be like "Oh, here ya go!" It may not happen like that, but I can always dream!

Again, sorry for resurrecting an old thread - but when I Google, this is the one that comes up for what I'm looking for.

Thanks again,

Xrystal 01-04-10 06:04 PM

No probs. I try to have these threads on my list to watch but somehow didnt have this one :D

I've done the initial coding .. copy and paste works wonders rofl. Will test it out a bit but I won't be able to see the effects in a group so may need you to test that side of things out before I finalise things :D

radicall8 01-04-10 06:31 PM

I have absolutely no issues doing that - as I'm sure there may be others out there that like this addon. On a side note - one thing I've noticed (maybe it's a setting I've done) is that when sorted by group, the addon grows up and to the left - as in You are the primary anchor at first, then people get invited and it grows up, as it turns into a raid, Group 1 gets pushed left and Group 2 has a new column - so on and so forth.

Hope this helps,

Xrystal 01-04-10 06:36 PM

Ah, so anchor to the bottom right may be a sensible way to go or does it automatically shift so that your bottom right button moves to the right or does it just continue adding to the left ?

radicall8 01-04-10 06:37 PM

It just continues to add to the left for me - again, though, it may be a setting I have.

More specifically because I think I may have misstated what I said earlier.

You always move with what group you are in. Basically - the anchor for SmartDebuff is the bottom right of the entire window

Xrystal 01-04-10 11:26 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Okay, it looks like they have a parent frame which makes things alot easier :D

By default I turn off the background color (using their toggle function and validating against their background variable so if its off already it shouldnt toggle) as it isn't really necessary to have that with the info panel set up.

Here's a screen shot showing the default options barring the change to background toggle. Also, I've attached a copy of it for you to try within a group setting and see if it works with your setup in a way you're expecting :D

If the frame needs to be a bit bigger with the larger raids let me know as I have given a 10 point gap around the smart debuff frame that can be utilised as needed. A screen shot of the bigger group/raid setups with your option settings would be good so I can see if there are any other defaults that may prove useful.

Added another screenshot as to how it looks with some height/width changes and in combat visuals. To me the writing for the health and mana are far to small to be beneficial but I would usually have the bars bigger and drag it out if it ends up too big for the infopanel frame.

radicall8 01-05-10 12:49 AM

You are awesome!!!

I will be testing this for quite some time to check out everything as it comes and goes and will get back to you A.S.A.P.

A side note - I'm used to the small text/bars - been using this add-on for a long time.

Thanks again,

Xrystal 01-05-10 01:44 AM

Whilst jumping on another character to test something else I noticed that if you dont have smartdebuff panel visible on initial login/reload it won't show your button. Clicking the option button will show it but I will make it do that automatically to avoid confusion.

Edit: Well, that may take some time. I haven't tracked down the code they use to reactivate the buttons when you open the options frame to do it automatically. For now though its no biggie while you're testing it.

radicall8 01-05-10 02:03 AM

Something I just noticed - which you are describing - is that if I don't log in with SmartDebuff loaded as the panel, my title bar loads - which I don't use... again - it may have to do with what you've described.

I've already had a chance to test it with a 5 man group - it works beautifully while switching between Skada and SDB.

I can't thank you enough, can I? :)


Xrystal 01-05-10 02:04 AM

Screenshot .. screenshot :D Yeah, I need to figure out what amongst all his code tells it to action the functionality as it seems when it is in the frame it doesn't seem to do it automatically. Go figure.

Okay, if and when you feel confident on these 2 lines being added to the file, let me know if it resolves your loading problems. And give us a screenshot of what should appear ( without the infopanel plugin enabled ) with your options and then what it looks like with the infopanel enabled. And the options screen displayed so I can see what you're expecting and make sure at least that works.

I've highlighted the two lines you need to add to the lua file, save it and either reload the ui if wow still running or load up wow and see if it updates properly when you toggle into the panel if you log in with another panel enabled.


enableSmartDebuff = function()
        local SmartDebuff = getglobal("SmartDebuffSF");
        plugin.SmartDebuff = SmartDebuff;
        -- Save some important information
        if not SmartDebuff.saved_parent then
                SmartDebuff.saved_parent  = SmartDebuff:GetParent();
                SmartDebuff.border_color  = SmartDebuff:GetBackdropBorderColor();
                SmartDebuff.backdrop_color = SmartDebuff:GetBackdropColor();               
        -- Set the PallyPower Frame to fit into the info panel
        nUI_Movers:lockFrame( SmartDebuff, false, nil );
        SmartDebuff:SetParent( plugin.container );
        SmartDebuff:SetPoint( "TOPLEFT", plugin.container, "TOPLEFT", 10, -10 );
        --SmartDebuff:SetPoint( "BOTTOM", plugin.container, "BOTTOM", 0, 0 );
        SmartDebuff:SetPoint( "BOTTOMRIGHT", plugin.container, "BOTTOMRIGHT", -10, 10 );
        SmartDebuff:SetFrameStrata( plugin.container:GetFrameStrata() );
        SmartDebuff:SetFrameLevel( plugin.container:GetFrameLevel()+1 );
        SmartDebuff:SetBackdropBorderColor( 0, 0, 0, 0 );
        SmartDebuff:SetBackdropColor( 0, 0, 0, 0 );       
        if (SMARTDEBUFF_Options.ShowBackdrop) then

        --nUI_Movers:lockFrame( SmartDebuff, true, nil );


radicall8 01-05-10 03:33 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Ok - I added the lines and it didn't appear to do anything. I'm attaching screenshots. The first one is what I want it to look like when I log in - the second is what it looks like when I log in on a different panel and switch to SmartDebuff - with the added two lines.

Xrystal 01-05-10 04:00 PM

Hmm, strange, you're getting different results to me. Can you post up a screen shot with the options window open ? From your window it seems the options button is not being lined up properly so you might have to type /sdbo I think it was to show the window.

Okay, figured out you had the Title Window option unticked. Guess I need to find that Checkfunction too rofl. But yeah I still get it not working with those lines. Not sure how I managed to get it working but I did get it working several times but must have been pure luck. Will keep on checking.

radicall8 01-05-10 04:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
If I log in with SmartDebuff panel selected, everything loads wonderfully.

I'm not sure if I did something wrong or not - but I am attaching the screenshot requested - keep in mind I logged in WITH SmartDebuff panel open.

All I have to do is tick "Title Bar" on and off and I get what I want - not a biggie to take care of.. was just noting it.

Xrystal 01-05-10 04:29 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Okay, think I figured it out. Looks like they are doing tests for visibility/hidden of the frame and its children which in the case of an infopanel would be true until it is selected. So, for the first time in all my addons I am using the selected portion of the infopanel system and it seems to work so try this version of the file and see if it works.

I basically threw in all the Check functions that it seems to have available so that it should test the settings made by the user and use them accordingly apart from the backdrop setting which is only acted upon if you change it during the session and then gets reset to no backdrop when reloaded.

Try this version and see if this works better.

radicall8 01-05-10 04:37 PM

Initial load in shows that we have success!! It loads the way I want it to. :)

I'm sorry to cause all of this trouble, but I do greatly appreciate your patience and dedication to getting this working.

Xrystal 01-05-10 04:41 PM

Cool, now I just need you to test it in raid scenarios and see how that works before I post it up officially :D So pleasey pleasey some more screenies for 5 mans, 10 mans, 25 mans if you can :D

Once I know at least your set up works fine I can post it up and work out any glitches for different settings later on :D

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