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apocalypseurza1 09-21-09 07:57 PM

Buff bars
Is there a way to move the buff bars around the screen?

nm found what i needed, and am not sure how to remove this post

Pwnan 02-17-10 12:12 PM

Where'd you find your answer? I'd like to remove the boss debuff frame altogether.

Xrystal 02-17-10 12:25 PM

Boss Debuff Frame ? Do you mean your targets debuff frame ? The list in the lower right or the buttons on the right of the hud area ? The debuffs for your target should be the list on the lower right with your own debuffs cast on them between the hud and the dashboard along with the cooldown bar. The icons on the right of the hud are your targets buffs.

Which ones in particular do you want to move ? If it's awkward to explain, feel free to throw up a screen shot highlighting the area you want removed.

Some parts of nUI can be moved via the slash commands or the GUI plugin. Others however may be possible via editing of the layout files in the layout folder. If you can't see anything in either of those cases it may not be possible at present to do that.

Pwnan 02-17-10 12:39 PM

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Sorry, yeah I'm referring to the target debuff frame on the far right-hand side of the screen. Located just above my bags in the attached screenshot. As you can probably imagine it gets quite large during a raid. And, honestly, I never look at it, and would like to have HealBot take up that slot on my resto shaman.

Thanks for the quick response btw. :)

Xrystal 02-17-10 12:57 PM

Well, I don't think it was easy to remove those and it would affect your buffs as well as some elements of the hud display as they are currently tied together. However, you could try this plugin ( for the auras if its just a space requirement and see if it frees up enough space for your healbot.

I personally put my healbot/grid window directly between the hud and the action bars. Worked wonders for me when I was raid healing on my shammy :D

Pwnan 02-17-10 02:13 PM

Don't suppose you've got a screenie of your setup?

Xrystal 02-17-10 02:20 PM

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Somewhere around .. :D

Ah, here you go. It wasn't perfect but worked well for me as my eyes are constantly in the bottom center section of the screen rofl.

Pwnan 02-17-10 02:25 PM

Hmmm, I'm guessing you're able to widen the distance between the HUD bars? I honestly haven't tried to tweak my UI too much since installing nUI+.

spiel2001 02-17-10 02:40 PM

Yes... there are slash commands you can use to set the HUD scale and spacing... you'll find them here:

Pwnan 02-17-10 06:50 PM

Thanks for that Scott. I see that /nui maxauras will disable both buff/aura frames. Is there any way to disable *just* the target buff frame?

spiel2001 02-17-10 07:03 PM

Can you be more specific about which auras? The ones immediately next to the target in the HUD or the ones on the right side above the dashboard or the one on the target unit frame?

Pwnan 02-17-10 07:25 PM

The frame on the far right above the dashboard. It actually expands beyond the top of my screen when fighting a raid boss, and I really never look at it.

spiel2001 02-17-10 07:30 PM

YOu can trim that down with something like '/nui maxaurs 25' or the like. If you're dead set on being entirely rid of it, then you'll need to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > UnitPanels > {panel mode} > nUI_UnitSkin_{panel mode}Target.lua ] and locate the ["Auras"] section. Find the one that's marked "help" and set "disabled" to false for it.

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