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zork 12-12-09 05:29 PM

Making glow happen
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The trick is the alpha layer of the border texture.

Important. The border texture must be 8-times wider than high.

16px height = 128px width

32px height = 256px width


Max-texture size sind 2048px.

So max-size is
256 x 2048px

When you call the backdrop function play a bit with the inset and the edgesize values but keep your tilesize at the size of your texture height.

Each border texure must consist 8 parts, those will be enough to create any edge- or side-texture needed.

Maul 12-12-09 08:06 PM

Neat trick :)

I always was tempted to mess with the those types of background textures, but did not know about the "the border texture must be 8-times wider than high" rule. Now I do!

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