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trav 12-16-09 07:32 AM

I don't know about this map.
Will it allow player movement control when viewing the map? I used to use Metamap, then Cartographer; both of which evidently have been killed.

spiel2001 12-16-09 12:37 PM

MozzFullWorldMap is not so much a map addon as a map modifier. What it does is allow you to see areas you have not explored yet as well as highlight which areas you have not yet explored. It is not a map replacement like Metamap or Catographer.

neuralassassin 12-16-09 06:15 PM

Try mapster its been updated for 3.3 and should cover everything you need:

Also cool thing I just saw here on WowI is their 3.3 survival guide tells you which mods have been updated for 3.3 and gives replacements for some of the more popular ones that aren't updated which is how I found mapster definitely worth checking out

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