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schnoggo 12-23-09 11:35 AM

Module Abstraction
Finally (Yes, I know - a year late) got around to digging into Minion.
Excellent work so far.

As I've said in person many times, I think the extensible modules are the most intriguing part of the project.

Coding up a module in Java looks fairly straightforward. And for the projects I have in mind, it's the correct call.

But if we want other sites to support this, we probably need to lower the barrier to entry. A meta-module expressly for Addon sites. We already know what the feature set is from the wowinterface module.

Abstract out the site-specific details and put them in an XML template.

Parsing the addon list would be the only thing that might require actual code, right?
And perhaps that could be handled with a nice regex?

That way, a site could just edit the template and have a new "module" ready to go.

May be more trouble than it's worth, but I thought I'd bring up the idea.

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