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Amenity 01-23-10 01:34 PM

SetCursor borked?
I've made a nice 32x32 .blp mouse cursor image, and am attempting to use it by simply adding a SetCursor("path\filename.blp") to my "kitchen sink" addon. I'm getting nothing.

Am I doing it wrong, or was this feature removed?

Cralor 01-23-10 01:36 PM

Try "Interface\\AddOns\\ADDONNAME\\file.file"

I've tried assuming that it knows you are in your AddOn's directory, but I'm pretty sure it only likes the full thing :P

Hope this helps!

SDPhantom 01-23-10 02:04 PM

It does want the entire path since it is possible to use textures from the core game too.
This is always relative to WoW's installation directory.

Seerah 01-23-10 03:40 PM



If the cursor is hovering over WorldFrame, the SetCursor function will have no effect - cursor is locked to reflect what the player is currently pointing at.
Also, according to


Normally used in a frame's OnEnter handler to change the cursor used while the mouse is over the frame. If used elsewhere, the cursor will likely be immediately reverted to default (due to the mouse handlers of other frames doing the same).

Amenity 01-24-10 12:35 PM

Well crap. Guess the days of the custom cursor are over, then.

Did Blizz ever offer any reason behind why they've disallowed the old method (the putting of custom cursors in an Interface\CURSOR directory to overwrite the stock ones)?

Torhal 01-25-10 03:23 AM


Originally Posted by Amenity (Post 175914)
Well crap. Guess the days of the custom cursor are over, then.<snip>

Not really - you can do a hack-job of it with screen coords in an OnUpdate.

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