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Dreamcheg 01-24-10 08:18 AM

Nameplate's castbar's icon's texture/skin
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Hi there!

Im using caelNameplates addon for modifying blizzard nameplates. It makes them smaller, textured, cool looking =)

Ive modified some code there to add icon of currently casting spell right to health and cast bars, but obviosly it not textured as bars and looks like standard blizzard button on actionbar or buffbar.

Im also using ButtonFacade and BlizzFacade addons to skin this actionbars buttons and buff icons.

So im wondering now, how can i skin/texture icon of nameplate's casting bar.
Is there any way to make ButtonFacade apply its skins to this icon too, or can it be done through additional coding inside nameplate's addon code, or by modifying blizzard's icons, or....something =)

first picture shows how my nameplates looks like and its icon (unskinned like standard blizzard ones)
second shows how my skinned buff icons looks like. i want make icon of nameplate's castbar look the same style or similar (aka black border)

thx in advance
sry for my english

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