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lairdofdeath 02-09-10 08:40 PM

reworking my profs info panel
ok im trying to put the skill lvl in the tool tip ive looked a couple dif sites (witch didnt tell me what i needed to know) and a bunch of addons that do this sort of thing (and they are all greek to me) so i figured id ask the briliant coders here and see if any of you could help me or at least point me in the rite direction

Xrystal 02-09-10 10:04 PM

Initial thoughts are you may have to programmatically build your table up to hold the different information you will want.

Test with something like this. It includes weapon skills as well so you will need to see if there is something that differentiates weapon skills from crafting skills and work from there. Once you have just your craft skills you can then put the information you like to keep into a table and use that table to create the different elements of the button / tooltip etc. This was taken from which shows some more information in regards to that function.


for skillIndex = 1, GetNumSkillLines() do
  local skillName, isHeader, isExpanded, skillRank, numTempPoints, skillModifier,
    skillMaxRank, isAbandonable, stepCost, rankCost, minLevel, skillCostType,
    skillDescription = GetSkillLineInfo(skillIndex)
  if not isHeader then
    print(string.format("Skill: %s - %s", skillName, skillRank))

Then find an event such as "TRADE_SKILL_UPDATE" to keep the changeable values updated in the table so that the tooltip is constantly updated with the newest information.

Hopefully that will give you some insight into what else you can add or change as well.

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