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Cirdan 03-05-10 01:15 PM

Can't get custom texture to show
I'm trying to make a custom map border, but it will not show up at all in the game.

I believe I have transparency set up correctly in Photoshop

The code isn't that complex...


        local minimapFrame = CreateFrame('FRAME')
        local border = Minimap:CreateTexture(nil, 'OVERLAY')
        border:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', minimapFrame, 'TOPLEFT')
        border:SetPoint('BOTTOMRIGHT', minimapFrame, 'BOTTOMRIGHT')

                bgFile = "Interface\\AddOns\\rcHUD\\mapBorder",
                insets = {left = -4, right = -4, top = -4, bottom = -4},


I tired setting the border's point to UIParent, and no image is shown stretched across the screen.

haste 03-05-10 01:36 PM

Textures in WoW need to have a size which is a power of two. That's probably where your issue lies.

Cirdan 03-05-10 01:57 PM

Na, it was a power of two. It started working after I restarted WoW. Thanks

zork 03-31-10 09:17 AM

WoW loads textures at startup. You need to restart the game everytime you add new textures.

nightcracker 03-31-10 09:22 AM

Note that if you merely overwrite an existing texture you only have to call a UI reload, but the loading of NEW files require a reboot of WoW.exe.

Tragedy777 07-30-10 01:00 AM

Ya, I had same problem long ago with one my projects, :S

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