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chrislewis187 03-25-10 04:31 PM

modifying buff bars
first off i want to say that i LOVE nui but there is only one thing that is bothering me...i do not really like the way the buff panels are and would like to use a different addon that i am more familiar with...i understand that nui was designed to be a stand alone one thing fixes all thing but i would rather use something else for that one would i go about changing this...any help would be greatly appreciated

chrislewis187 03-25-10 04:32 PM

i also want to apologize if you have already answered this question...i looked through the forums and could not find anything on the subject

spiel2001 03-25-10 05:17 PM

It's not easily done. The aura system is deeply embedded in all aspsects of nUI... turning it off so you can use a different buff display will break the HUD, the cooldown bar, the HOT/DOT bar, the action bars and some other things.

Have you looked at the nUI_AuraButtons plugin in the "nUI: Unit Panel Layouts" section?

chrislewis187 03-25-10 05:28 PM

i will try that thank you

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