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PathofGrin 03-26-10 08:08 PM

Buff Bars: My buffs only
Hey mate, love the UI, but I find myself wondering if there is a way to change the buff/debuff bars to only show my buffs and debuffs.

I play a Frost DK mostly, and spotting my procs, disease durations and self buffs/target debuffs is a pain in the proverbial even in a 5 man :)

Anyway, keep up the good work old son and cheers in advance :D


Xrystal 03-26-10 08:17 PM

Your buffs on the left hand side are highlighted in green I think to show that you cast them on yourself. It might be the same with your targets buffs if they're friendly but not sure there.

Your target debuffs at the bottom of the hud bars are just yours so unless you have disabled the display of the HUD itself entirely you should see the debuffs as you cast them on your current target.

PathofGrin 03-26-10 08:39 PM

Ya, I get that, It's just that I've found when there is a lot going on, (quite common as a Frosty DK) the HUD Icons can get overlaid with cast bars/CD's etc.

As for the buff/debuff frames, it can be very hard to spot say Freezing Fog and Killing Machine in a sea of raid buffs, Miks helps to keep track of these things, but I'd prefer to simplify things a bit more if I can.

After all, I don't need to know about the Hunters Serpent Sting on the target, or the Shamans Elemental Mastery, and while it is nice to know that I have Kings or Fort or whatever, these aren't as critical to my DPS/Tanking as being able to spot at a glance that my Horn of Winter is about to drop, or that I have a Rime Proc lined up with Killing Machine and Trinket Procs.

Anyway, not really a complaint, just wondering if it is possible, as I said, I love the UI and the ability to customise the buff frames would be icing on the cake :)

spiel2001 03-26-10 08:51 PM

Try this.... /nui hud cdmin 10

That will prevent the problem you're having with the overlay in the HUD and you'll be able to see everything you have on the target, etc.

EDIT: I've been doing heroics almost non-stop the last two days with my DK, so I know about the overlay problem you refer to.

PathofGrin 03-26-10 08:56 PM

Cheers mate, I shall give that a go :)


Xrystal 03-26-10 09:01 PM

Ah gotcha. My apologies. Not being able to get a death knight beyond 2 levels would mean I never had that problem rofl. Glad Scott could steer you in the right direction.

PathofGrin 03-26-10 10:02 PM

Thank you both for your time :) Tried it out on a test dummy and Scotts idea has helped a good bit :) Yet to try it in a group so we'll see how it goes.


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