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Legogubben 04-23-10 06:59 AM

Blocking omen and recount
Hey while Im running nUI I cant see my recount or omen threat meter any way to config it so it works?

spiel2001 04-23-10 07:21 AM

In the bottom right of the dashboard there's a red button that probably says "Map" click it until it says "Recount" or "Omen"

If you want to see Recount and Omen in the same window, you can install either the nUI_InfoPanel_Stats or nUI_InfoPanel_DualStats plugin in the "nUI: Info Panel Plugins" section at

As an alternative to that, you can remove Omen and Recount and install Skada which gives you DPS, Damage and Threat all in one info panel window in a single mod.

Legogubben 04-23-10 07:25 AM

thanks for the help Im installing skada now and btw the addon eclipse for balance druids doesnt work neither/either :S anyway to fix that?

spiel2001 04-23-10 07:37 AM

nUI doesn't interact with that addon that I know of, so I can't see why it wouldn't work.

What does Eclipse do?

Legogubben 04-23-10 07:39 AM

It shows when the druid get a buff really big because its hard to look on the buffs all the time so we can easily time all casts

spiel2001 04-23-10 09:27 AM

nUI uses its own auras, both buff and debuff, and does not use the default Blizzard auras, so I don't suspect that would work with nUI.

I do, however, strongly suspect other nUI users can make some suggestions of alternatives you can try.

Xrystal 04-23-10 09:32 AM

I can't remember if Eclipse appeared or whether you can add it yourself but msbt ( miks scrolling battle text ) seems to work with popping up in as big letters as you like wherever you want them to appear.

Might be worth trying that one out. Just remember to turn off the blizz battle text rofl.

Legogubben 04-23-10 05:24 PM

I got mik´s scrolling battle text but eclipse is much better :)

Zorkmid 09-01-10 10:20 AM

I realize this is an old thread, but same topic.
Firstly, love the add-on! Been in wow for 3 months and it's more intuitive to me than the default UI (along with carbonite.)

Question: I move my chat box to the upper left of the screen, and have the omen/recount add-on in the lower right box. I would like to move my combat text box(tab) to the lower left (where chat previously was) and show them all at once. However, they toggle via the map/combat/etc. button in the lower right and I'm unable to view them all at once. Is there a way to show them all at once, and how do I do that? I'm Lua ignorant, but can find/replace text in any file.

I also have to move my chat box to the upper left and re-color it at every log-on despite selecting 'lock window.' This is a minor annoyance, but maybe there's something I'm missing?

Thank you again for the wonderful app. I've returned to school due to the recent economy, but will definitely donate to nUI and Carb ASAP.


spiel2001 09-01-10 11:06 AM

Let me start at the last thing and go backwards... it is not intended that the chat frame be dragged out via the "unlock" and drag method. If you want your chat frame to be somewhere else, then you need to edit the layout file in [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua ] and change the location of the chat frame there.

There will be side effects to that I believe as I think some other elements are anchored to the chat frame, so they'll move with it.

Now... the Combat Log... you'll have to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > InfoPanels > nUI_InfoPanel_CombatLog.lua ] (I think I have the file name right there) and set "disabled" to true in both places. That will cause the combat log to not be placed in the info panel. Then you can locate it anywhere you like.

Lastly, many thanks for the kind word.

Zorkmid 09-01-10 01:03 PM

Fixed! Thank you! I love it.

For similarly techno-ignorant such as myself, I did specifically:
Open in 'notepad' (shift-right click 'open with'): Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > InfoPanels > nUI_InfoPanel_CombatLog.lua

Make sure: notepad top menu bar 'format' -> 'wordwrap' is deselected, then go to 'find' -> goto . . . line number:

Enter: "102" at this line I set "enabled = false" rather than true

Then do the above to line "110" and set "enabled = false" rather than true.

Shweet! Thanks again for the prompt response. I look forward to upgrading to the pro version and raid frames; however, my highest toon is 68 and I still kind of . . . well, frankly . . . suck ('fail' is the vernacular now) so it'll be a bit.


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