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Scathach 05-03-10 02:59 PM

fps with .17
Hey all,

I've downloaded this new version and still I'm suffering from what I consider insane fps problems. Inside of raids, be it totc, icc or voa (and outside dalaran) I get 5-20 average FPS, basically unplayable as my screen is freezing up intermittently. Outside of these locations, 50+ FPS (screen's below).

I've tried turning a few things off (moving pic's of my car in bar etc). But to no avail. I turned nui off completely and reverted back to Shadow unitframes and bartender 4.... needless to say, when fighting sindragosa with out 25 man.. up went my FPS to 50+

I really enjoy NUI++ and tbh don't want to switch back, but unless I can fix this problem with the FPS I'm going to have to... :(

I've tried a complete reinstall (deleted everything but interface folder) - no joy
I've tried turning all video settings down to Low - no joy.

Any idea what's causing this ???

I use the nui_infopannel_dualstats to display omen and recount together. Other addons include Atlas Loot and DBM.


Crystalsong Forest

Thanks for any help you can give

spiel2001 05-03-10 04:03 PM

There have been a host of posts on this subject and some of them very recently. Do a quick forum search for "FPS leak" and you should find them.

Scathach 05-04-10 05:21 AM


I've been reading through them and found the following so far.

Turning windows mode off (full screen) improves FPS.
Clearing out WTF(renamed to .old) and restarted wow, all great until you like above move back to windowed mode.

I run 1900x1200, 60hz.. vertical sync on or off doesn't change anything. I look forward to a fix. GL Scott

Scathach 05-06-10 03:16 AM

After some more raiding last night, I saw recount taking up 30-50mb of memory. I Turned global data collection off and the game became at least some what more playable. Still low FPS, but at least the screen wasn't freezing up.

Also tried turning the vertical sync off, no help. Playing full screen, no visible help.. Yes FPS is way up in full screen, but not during raids.

Hope this helps.

Nobgul 05-06-10 04:15 AM

Nvm. I didn't notice this was the nui bug report forum 0_o

spiel2001 05-06-10 04:16 AM

Have you tried switching to the solo or party unit frame panel during the fights? If you're not a healer, you don't really need to see everyone's unit frames in the fight. It's a not a "fix" to the problem, but it is a workaround until I can get nUI6 out.

Scathach 05-06-10 04:55 AM

Yep tried that, didn't see any noticeable difference.
I only have the problem in raids, just did a 5 man with Recount turned on.. 70 fps and no problems (even with 5 man group selection on)

thanks for the help Scott and GL with version 6

Vis 05-06-10 05:33 AM

Just for kicks, temporarily turn off Recount and give Skada a try. You may notice memory and cpu usage during Raids.

Scathach 05-06-10 01:58 PM

Tried skada... it didn't help and tbh it doesn't work as nice as omen/recount imo

spiel2001 05-06-10 02:09 PM

If switching from the raid panel to the solo panel and changing from Omen/Recount to Skada both made no difference, you have another problem going on.

By your description of the symptoms and the failure of the usual remedies to make any difference, I'm going to say with 90% certainty that you have a graphics issue. The test is easy enough... does your FPS change notably when you're looking at a blank wall versus when you turn around and look at a busy scene (i.e. the Dalaran fountain area) -- if it does, you have an issue with either your graphics card or the driver.

Xrystal 05-06-10 02:52 PM

I just want to chime in here that I used to have massive fps problems in raids. Shifting to party or solo frames helped quite a bit but I was still at as low as 20fps. It was enough to heal but was annoying as hell when it dropped to 5fps.

That was when I had an NVidia 7600. It improved somewhat when I got a hand me down upgrade to an 8400 but I now have my brothers cast off ( rofl ) of a 285 and I have not noticed any problems in raids anymore. even the new ICC which I thought would be hectic with its upgrades.

Dalaran however is still a nightmare if I zoom out with it dropping as low as 15fps but going as high as 50fps when zooming in close.

Bear in mind that Blizzard have been slowly increasing graphics in the game since 3.1 so that people start upgrading early ready for the massive graphic upheaval when cataclysm comes out. If you're having problems now ... heaven forbid your problems when that releases. Going from 3.0 to 3.1 was hell for me with a 7600.

So, with all these suggestions were there any improvements at all ? However small ? It didn't rise from 5fps to 10fps ? Thats a double increase there and significant and shows that it is the usual fps problem that Scott is hoping will be resolved in nUI 6.

Scathach 05-07-10 03:42 AM

Then why is it that when i revert to bartender 4 and SUF (shadow unitframes) I don't have these problems?

It wasn't a gfx/fps problem that brought me to nUI ;)

I believe there is something with either recount or the way it interacts with nUI.

Xrystal 05-07-10 07:34 AM

8 Attachment(s)
Possibly. nUI does a lot of stuff so of course it may slow down fps that way as works through the information. Which was the reason for the suggestion to use the smaller unit frame set to cut down the amount of information nUI processes at that time.

As I mentioned .. I used to have fps problems several months back and it was so bad at some points that I had to disable nUI to raid. 5fps while healing 25 man ulduar is not good. That only lasted that one run though as I found I healed a lot worse using the default interface than using nUI as its layout is exactly the way I play.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my own. And I have omen, recount, dbm, grid and using 25 man unit frames on display. Some of the runs even show skada in use. And these are all after combat have finished so you can imagine how much lower the fps could have been ( I'll have to snatch a screen shot or two in mid combat next time ).

As you can see even on the same run I fluctuate from 30fps to 60fps. The latter more likely when there are less people around and the former when there is a lot going on around. Having played at 5fps 30fps is not a problem for me and shows that in my case the problems were due to WoWs graphics improvements and my lower end graphics card no longer being viable for WoW. If of course that is not the case for you then I apologise for raising the possibility.

Scathach 05-07-10 09:12 AM


I greatly appreciate your help :) I did find the game playable when I turned data collection off in recount. Before I switched to nUI I suffered the usual stupid lag in Dalaran, just not to the extent I was while raiding with nUI and Recount. (I might be off by thinking it's recount.. I just noticed a large amount of memory usage while having the problems outlined above).

Does nUI still process the data for the other raid members if I leave it on single player view? (which i have been doing and that, coupled with no recount collection, has allowed the game to be playable).

Currently floating around IF/SW etc on my lowly shammy alt, I get triple figure FPS and not a single problem (Yes I know, nice and quite time/place to be so it should go up).

I have an XFX 9600 GT(512 MB) video card, with drivers updated no more than 1 week ago. Is there some kind of logging I could switch on to help give some feedback??

Thank you for all the help...

Xrystal 05-07-10 09:21 AM

I have noticed less problems when I switched to player or party view. For me as a healer using grid anyway it wasn't a problem for me but for others it may not work out that way.

I can't remember if data collection was made if the frames weren't visible but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. I am sure Scott could confirm that and some of your other questions.

spiel2001 05-07-10 10:29 AM

nUI does use unit frame optimization. The only units that data is collected on are those that are actively being displayed and no graphics updates occur unless (a) the unit is being actively displayed and (b) the data actually changes.

That's why I suggested that you switch to the solo panel as the FPS leak nUI suffers from is in the aura handling... with 40-80 players to track plus targets in a raid or battelground, the aura situation is a nightmare. Switching to the solo panel means I am only tracking auras on you, your pet, your target and the ToT, maybe a focus.

If switching between a 25 man raid panel and the solo panel didn't make a difference in the FPS, then that means you are not one of the people who is suffering from the FPS leak bug and, therefore, I seriously doubt the issue is nUI directly.

However, that said, nUI *does* have *far* more screen elements than the default UI or even most custom UIs and, therefore, if you have a problem with your graphics card or driver, then nUI *will* complicate that problem. But it does remain that the underlying problem is the graphics issue.

Hope that clears it up a bit.

Marthisdil 05-07-10 03:47 PM


does your FPS change notably when you're looking at a blank wall versus when you turn around and look at a busy scene (i.e. the Dalaran fountain area)
Also, this isn't an accurate test, as looking at a blank wall will cause the card not to have near as much to have to render, shadow, etc, thus increasing framerates at decent resolutions.

Looking out at the Dal fountain area during primetime will of course have a lower framerate when compared to the wall, as there's a lot more for the card to do.

Of course you can change resolution to 800x600 and play that way and it won't really matter.

spiel2001 05-07-10 06:21 PM

Actually it is a measure of GPU performance... the better the GPU performance, the less impact that test will have on frame rate. A huge impact is a clear indication that the card is having trouble rendering the complex scenes which is *exactly* what happens in an intense 25 man raid in a boss fight.

Mordred1991 05-16-10 10:25 AM

I have also problems with nUI and the FPS, when using it. As long as I'm not in a raid, the FPS-rate goes from over 150 (Classic World) to abot 60 (Northrend). Also when I join a 10 man raid, it's no problem, the FPS doesn't drop lower than 30 in fight. But as soon as I'm in a 25 man raid, the FPS drops from 30-25 (out of fight) to 10 FPS in fight.

My Hardware looks like this:
Sparkle GTX 275
4 GB OCZ Ram at 800 MHz
Core 2 Quad Q6600 at 2,4 GHz
nForce 780i Board
600W Power Supply

I tried everything descripted in the FAQ, reinstalling the game, reinstalling all Addons, clearing the cache, the WTF and the Interface folders. Changing the nui framerate, running nUI without any other addons. Non of this things helped, the FPS remained the same.

The i tried playing without nUI, and my FPS greatly increased, but to be honest, I don't want to build a new Interface out of other Addons, because I'm really satisfied with nUI, and I find it much easier to play with nUI rather than with a combination of Dominos, XPearl and a Dot Timer Addon. Also nUI looks way better than such a combination.

So I would be glad, if someone had an idea how to fix this problem.

Btw: Is there already a release date for nUI 6?

spiel2001 05-16-10 12:01 PM

There are quite a few posts on this subject, so I'll keep my comments short and sweet here. If you want to find more detail on the subject, you might try searching the nUI forums for the keyword "FPS leak"

That said, from what you describe, you appear to be one of the people who is suffering from the FPS leak bug. Until I can get nUI6 out the door, the only solution left to you is to not use the 25 man raid panels. You can use the '/nui autogroup' command to turn automatic panel switching off and then manually select to use the solo or party mode unit panels during the fights.

I was hoping to have the first alpha of the nUI6 unit frames out the door today, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen as I'm still trying to pin down some issues. So you should see it by the end of this coming weekend.

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