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LordBaldric 05-24-10 07:32 AM

How do I increase the height of the top bar?
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I use Fubar at the top, and I'd like to be able to increase the height of the top "frame" so that its atleast as high as my fubar top bar. Any help would be appreciated.

I've included an SS of how it used to look, now the top bar is miniscule and fubar's top bar is much larger then it, making it look all funky.

Thanks for any help.

spiel2001 05-24-10 07:44 AM

Can you post a screen shot of what you're seeing now please? (for comparison sake)

I've had someone else comment the recent updates have caused a problem with FuBar and I don't know what's going on.

Have you updated FuBar recently, or only nUI?

LordBaldric 05-24-10 07:55 AM

As per request, the new ui
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and no, I haven't updated fubar lately.

spiel2001 05-24-10 08:29 AM

Hmmm... I can't figure for the life of me what might have caused that anchoring to have changed. However, I will look at it as soon as I can and see if I can sort out what's changing.

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