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Kcori 05-25-10 10:37 AM

Irock DUI
This is my first attempt at making an UI, its still work in progress. Hopefully I'll have it finished this weekend.

The other mods I use are:
LonnyTooltip 4
Dotimers <---- Used above the Player and Target Unit Frames
Deadly Boss Mods

3 working Screen Sizes

Screen Shot 1 screen size 1920x1200 - Shadow Priest
Screen Shot 2 screen size 1920x1200 - Shadow Priest

contramundi 05-27-10 06:02 AM


looks great, i just had 2 minor comments on it ;)

the scrolling text is overlapping the buff/debuff frame above the target, it makes it look a bit mess ;) You got loads of empty space on the left side of the player and the right side of the target, make the scroll area's use that part. You don't have the floating combat text directly next to your character, but it's also not really in the way that way :)

recount, go do something about that addon, it doesn't really look like it fits the UI.

There's a dmg meter from sigg as well, maybe an idea to switch to that one, otherwise go into the recount settings and make everything related to the title bar and the window itself transparent :)

(and ofc make sure you use the same font/bar texture as the rest of the UI uses)

but i would definately steal some of the parts from your UI once its finished :P, i love the minimap

Kcori 11-18-10 03:25 PM

Hi all,

Heres an update to my DUI. Once Cata is released, I'll release my DUI for those who are interested. I've was inspired by Cripsii to finish up my DUI. Take a look and let me know what you think =)

This is pretty much a complete DUI, everything you see is OpenRDX

Heres some of the different Player Unit Frames





sigg 11-19-10 03:26 AM

Also nice.

You should be able to create a druid bar too.

Use the var power frac (druid eclipse).
Create a statusbar with alpha = 0
Add a small texture anchor to the invisible bar.

When the bar move, this will also move the texture.

You can also add the variable aura (is lunar, is solar)


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