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Izya 06-03-10 03:35 PM

Recount and Omen
I'm having problems with my nUI.
Whenever i turn on Recount and Omen, the box "moves" to the middle of the screen, and it also removes my unitframes and my minimap.
Like this:

I downloaded the stats addon, so i could use both recount and omen, but it seems that recount is making the problem.
I really need some help.


spiel2001 06-03-10 03:49 PM

When you have just Recount and Omen installed without the Stats plugin, do they both show up on separate pages in the info panel?

Izya 06-03-10 03:54 PM

Without the stats addon it did the same.
When i tried Recount alone, it did the same, but when i tried omen alone i could no choose "stats" or "Omen" with the red button, as i could with both addons installed

spiel2001 06-03-10 04:29 PM

Okay -- so you have recount and omen both installed, and the nUI_InfoPanel_Stats and nUI_InfoPanel_DualStats plugins both disabled, and you still get Recount in the middle of the screen?

If that's the case, then you likely have the wrong version of Recount.

If I may suggest... remove Omen3, remove Recount, remove nUI_InfoPanel_Stats and nUI_InfoPanel_Dual stats and then install Skada. That should be all it takes.

Also, make sure you are running nUI 5.06.21

Izya 06-03-10 05:03 PM

This isn't something you've experienced before? Cause i'd really like to get it working, as im not a big fan of skada.

Xrystal 06-03-10 05:35 PM

Hmm, what version of nUI are you using. That screenshot looks strangely like the bug that occasionally or often occurred for some people prior to 5.06.17.

From the looks of it something is breaking in the loading sequence.


Uncheck all addons except for the main nUI and run wow again. Any problems ?

If yes, then we definitely need to know what version you have as it sounds like that old problem is what you are having.

If no, then add omen and recount addons. Do they show up in different infopanels now ?

If no then remove recount and try again. Then repeat with just omen. If either of them break the interface then that is the cause of your problem methinks. However, I have the latest recount and omen and skada running at the same time with no problems.

If yes, then add the dualstats addon to display them side by side. Still working ?

If yes then et voila. Sounds like one of your other addons possibly causing a problem. Try adding them one or two at a time to narrow down the culprit and let us know.

I hope that helps you figure out where things are going wrong.

Izya 06-04-10 05:02 AM

It is definitely Recount that causes the problem. I do only have the main nUI, and it works fine. When i install recount the problem appears.

Xrystal 06-04-10 05:27 AM

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Hmm very interesting. I'll test it out as well at this end.

What other addons do you have or is it just nUI and recount ? Just in case something else is interacting somewhere.

Okay the attached is a screen shot with the following addons only:

Addon Control Panel (ACP) ( from curse )
nUI+ 5.06.20 ( from here )
Recount v3.3h release ( from curse )

Unless recount has been updated recently with major changes I can't see why this wouldn't work for you.

Izya 06-04-10 06:20 AM

With only nUI it looks like this, but whenever i use recount it changes to the picture in the first post

Xrystal 06-04-10 06:40 AM

ah, you have the stats plugin too which needs omen and recount to work. If you only have recount and have the stats plugin as well that could explain it.

Hmm, strange. Downloaded the latest version of the stats plugin and running with only nUI+, Recount, nUI_InfoPanel_Stats and it isn't showing the same effect as you're getting.

Either your WTF values have got messed up somewhere along the lines or there is another addon somewhere or its not a recent version of nUI or Stats. They were both updated in the last month to fix that visual glitch you're getting.

Izya 06-04-10 12:33 PM

The versions of the addons i use:

Xrystal 06-04-10 03:54 PM

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grr .. just made sure I was using those ones specifically and still no problems. What I did notice though was that because Omen wasn't installed it stopped Dual Status from running and just has recount as a normal addon and not inside the infopanel. See screenshot.

Lets try one last thing. Can you rename your WTF folder and relog into WoW and see what happens then.

If that fixes your problem then it points to a WTF file corruption. If there were specific WTF files you needed from the old files you can copy them across while out of game to restore them.

If that still doesn't fix the problem I am at a total loss as to what is going on there.

Xrystal 06-04-10 11:55 PM

Okay, the only start up problems I have in WoW is if I have nUI and a nUI plugin not updated for 5.06.16 which is nUI_InfoPanel_Professions. If I forget to turn that off I get an error ( which since doing these tests I have forgotten to do on 3 toons with the same effect ). Otherwise I have yet to have a problem with the other nUI addons I have.

And you are absolutely sure you have no other addons whatsoever ? Just nUI, Recount and DualStats ? I ask this because that first screenshot shows other addons on screen that I don't recognise. So I am wondering if perhaps you can post a new screenshot with just those 3 active.

Izya 06-05-10 03:21 AM

The first picture is with other addons, but i tried afterwards with only nUI, DualStats and Recount and exactly the same happened

Izya 06-05-10 05:02 AM

I tried deleting the WTF folder, but it didn't work.

spiel2001 06-05-10 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by Izya (Post 191072)
The first picture is with other addons, but i tried afterwards with only nUI, DualStats and Recount and exactly the same happened

You didn't mention Omen in that list... if you are using DualStats you have to have Omen and Recount both installed and enabled.

Izya 06-05-10 07:39 AM

I've tried all possible combinations of nUI, Stats, Dualstats, Recount and Omen

spiel2001 06-05-10 08:05 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Humor me here please... follow these steps explicitly
1) exit WoW
2) rename [ World of Warcraft > WTF ] to [ World of Warcraft > WTF.saved ]
3) rename [ World of Warcraft > Interface ] to [ World of Warcraft > Interface.saved ]
4) Log back into WoW on any of your characters
When you log back in, you should see the intro video again and all of your video and audio settings should have been reset. If you click the "AddOns" button at the character selection screen, you should see no addons listed. If you do, then you're working in the wrong WoW directory.

Assuming you don't see any addons listed, return to the character selection screen and log in on a toon then exit WoW again and do the following steps...
1) Install nUI without *any* nUI plugins
2) Install Omen
3) Install Recount (preservation)
4) Install Swatter (attached to this message below)
5) Log back into the same character as before
When you log back in you should see the normal nUI and both Omen and Recount should be in the info panel at the bottom right with each of them on their own separate info panel page.

If either of them is not in the info panel, take a screen shot of what you see and post it here (again) -- you can use the paperclip icon in the message editor or scroll down the page to the "Manage Attachments" button to attach your screen shot to your reply.

Also, if the load fails, Swatter should trap the error. Look for the file [ World of Warcraft > WTF > Account > {your account} > SavedVariables > !Swatter.lua ] and post it as an attachment to your reply, as well.

If Omen and Recount do work correctly in the info panel, then exit WoW again and do the following steps...
1) Install the nUI_InfoPanel_DualStats plugin
2) Log back into WoW but do not select a character yet
3) At the character selection screen, click the "AddOns" button
4) Verify the DualStats plugin is enabled. If not, enable it.
5) Enter the world on the same character you used previously
Do Omen and Recount now appear on a single info panel page? If not, again, post a screen shot and post the !Swatter.lua file as attachments to your reply here so I can see what's happening.

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