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Scathach 06-08-10 07:32 AM

Warlock Demo Meta Bar - Nui+ 5.06.21

One thing I noticed last night was that the demo warlock bar that should be present when you use metamorphosis wasn't displaying at all.. I saw a button to use the talent (to change to a demon) next to the pet bar (attached to the left side - next to attack), but the specific abilities in demon form were not shown.

If necessary I can provide a screen shot of this.


whereswaldo 06-08-10 08:05 AM

You might want to try using /nui movers and see if the bar is behind something else.

Scathach 06-08-10 08:10 AM

I did, it's not

spiel2001 06-08-10 10:06 AM

Yeah -- I"d like to see a screenshot -- that does work to the best of my knowledge unless I've broken it recently.

Xrystal 06-08-10 10:48 AM

Hmm, I'll test it out on my demo warlock. I know it worked a few patches back. But didn't play with demon form yesterday and my server is down for 24hrs today by the looks of it rofl.

Scathach 06-08-10 12:29 PM

Here ya go - two screenies, one with no pet to show the lack of demon abilities. and the other with a pet

With Pet

Hope this helps

Xrystal 06-08-10 12:55 PM

doh .. I know the problem.

The demon form for warlocks, sneak mode on druids etc do not have a special bar anymore. If you wish to use the special abilities you have to use the normal main action bar. It's actually been this way for quite a while with several posts on the druid side of things.

Addons like bartender and macaroon probably create custom bars for that stuff but nUI doesn't create bars for the interface but simply shows all the ones blizzard creates for us to use.

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