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sbpbp 06-11-10 06:57 AM

Hello, I happened to download the MFWM but cannot seem to get it to work...I dont have anything like Alpha, Meta, or Cart...I get the box on top of the maps stating show unexplored areas but nothing comes up......

Please Help

spiel2001 06-11-10 07:20 AM

Dumb question, but you are in an area that is not fully explored yet, yes? If you've explored the entire area you're currently in, you won't see anything different on the map.

Or, are you seeing an "empty" map with no zones displaying?

sbpbp 06-11-10 07:27 AM

yes the area has not been explored....I used to have cart on the game but took it off.....So all my maps are still full....and could it have to do with Routes or gathermate

Torhal 06-11-10 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by sbpbp (Post 191731)
<snip> could it have to do with Routes or gathermate

Not at all.

spiel2001 06-11-10 09:08 AM

If you would, try disabling all of your mods except MFWM and see if it works then... you can just "Disable All" and then check MFWM to re-enabled it. After the test, you can "Enable All" to restore your other mods.

This is the easiest way to make sure that there's no conflict causing the issue.

spiel2001 06-11-10 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by sbpbp (Post 191731)
I used to have cart on the game but took it off.....So all my maps are still full.

I'm not sure what having cartographer installed would have to do with all of your maps still being full. Can you explain what you mean by that?

sbpbp 06-11-10 09:33 AM

I have found the problem and it is Zygor Guides that is not making it work.....Is there any way that you know of to fix this problem....


Xrystal 06-11-10 02:35 PM

You have the zygor guide addon ?
Does it work without the infopanel plugin for it active ?
Have you checked to see if the version of zygor you have is different from the one that the infopanel is designed for ?

Zygor :
Zygor InfoPanel :

If you haven't got Zygor installed the InfoPanel won't work. If you don't have the InfoPanel but you have Zygor then it will show somewhere else on the screen.

sbpbp 06-11-10 03:06 PM

Yes I have the Zygor Guides....

If I uncheck the Zygor Guides Viewer (infoPanel) in my addons then MFWM works....But If i have the infopanel up and running it dosn't work...

I also went to the link you gave me and I have the Version 2 the most updated release...

Sorry and thanks for the help

spiel2001 06-11-10 04:04 PM

Figures is would all be Xrystal's fault... it's always her fault!


Hey Xrystal... if you can spot what the issue is and you need something changed in MozzFullWorldMap to accommodate your info panel, let me know.

Xrystal 06-11-10 04:41 PM

Rofl, not my info panel :D But come to think of it ... wondering if its the pre v16 problem. I don't think it was updated to reflect the new changes. Can you throw up a screenshot of it not working. I think that will confirm if that is the problem rofl.

sbpbp 06-12-10 04:31 AM

6 Attachment(s)
This is it working....

Attachment 4388

Attachment 4389

Attachment 4390

This is it not working.....

Attachment 4391

Attachment 4392

Attachment 4393

Thxs again

Xrystal 06-12-10 05:02 AM

Oh, *slaps head* you are saying that MozzFullWorldMap isn't working if the zygor guides is active. For some reason I thought you were saying Zygor Guides wasn't working rofl.

First, Do you get any error messages when you first log in ?

And second, seeing zygor is a paid for guide, if someone else with it could test the map it would be great :D

Apart from that all I can think of is that zygor does something to the map that negates what MozzFullWorldMap does.

sbpbp 06-12-10 05:21 AM

Ok thanks for all the help....

I get no error and I have left a message in the Zygor forums, but they haven't got back to me....

I just wanted to say this mod is great when I disable Zygor...Once again thanks for all the help...:)

sbpbp 06-12-10 05:52 AM

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I got it working proper now....I just went into the Zygor settings and found a button that had to do with the map and now it works like a charm....THXS AGAIN

spiel2001 06-12-10 06:29 AM

Just for the record, I can see exactly what's happening... Zygor was also displaying the unexplored areas on your map, but does not color them. If you look at the map while Zygor was active, you'll see the areas that MFWM identified as unexplored are displayed while Zygor was active.

Now... the funny thing is that mods are loaded in alphabetical order and, apparently, execute in that same order. (I haven't proven they execute in the same order, but it does appear that way) So, MFWM was displaying the unexplored areas and tinting them, then Zygor overwrote what MFWM did.

You had two mods trying to do that same thing at the same time, so whichever one did it last was the only one you saw. I'm guessing the option you found in Zygor was one for whether or not to show unexplored areas.

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