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Coasty 06-23-10 11:40 PM

In v5.06.25 - Skada Chat Window Display Bug
This isn't a major bug, just a minor annoyance. :)

The problem is that the Skada chat window, if you don't have Skada installed, is still shown in the right side display window. The only way I could turn it off was to go into the \default\infopanels folder and rename the file nUI_InfoPanel_Skada.lua.

Skada sounds like a nice combat log addon, but since I only rarely do raids I don't see much point in having it installed.

spiel2001 06-24-10 04:31 AM

Thanks for the heads up on that... I didn't think to look and see if that was happening. I'll get it fixed in the next update.

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