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Siovale 06-25-10 10:02 AM

nui+ 5.06.26 plus
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nui show no exp bars und the chat, omen und skada are in the middel of my screen.
i follow your steps in your latest email but nothing has changed.

1) Exit WoW

2) Go to your [ World of Warcraft ] directory and rename [ Interface ] to [ Interface.saved ] and rename [ WTF ] to [ WTF.saved ]

3) Log in to WoW and click the “AddOns” button at the character selection screen

4) Make sure *no* addons are listed. If there are any listed, you’re in the wrong [ World of Warcraft ] folder. Go back to step 2.

5) Close the addon window and enter the world on any toon

6) Exit WoW again

7) Install nUI 5.06.26 into your [ World of Warcraft > Interface > AddOns ] folder

8) Log back into WoW on any toon and make sure nUI loads correctly now. If it doesn't you're doing something wrong.

Xrystal 06-25-10 10:17 AM

I take it from the German language in game that you are on a EU server ? In which case you shouldn't be using any version of nUI after 5.06.21. The later versions are for the new 3.3.5 patch that introduced chat frame changes that we have had to apply to nUI for the US servers.

Go back to the download page and choose archive and download and install the 5.06.21 version as the latest version for 3.3.3.

Siovale 06-25-10 10:51 AM

:D yeah !!

it works.


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